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Over $200k stuck in Binance.US. Binance.US. It's been weeks and months and I've gotten no response from Binance.US. I have over $200k in my portfolio and I am unable to withdrawal to my bank or send to another crypto wallet However, there might be a way to recover lost transactions on Binance! In this article, I'll show you a couple of ways to try and recover your Binance missing funds. This will include if you've sent your crypto using the wrong network from Binance. Or if you've forgotten to add a memo or tag when depositing into Binance I purchased around 130USD of BCHUP at 12:46 on 195 when the value of BCH was around 850. The value of BCH then fluctuated but at one point was at 864 Worked fine. Then, I did this transaction, exchanging safemoon to eth - and sent to exact same coinbase wallet (copy/paste), but it disappeared and I can't find it anywhere. It says it went to binance-pegged eth..? Only difference is the network in metamask. Had to use binance smart chain network for the safemoon. Did I really just get screwed out of all that money Binance Missing Money [removed] 86 34. Share the link. Best Comments. Add a Comment [deleted] · 101d [removed] 13 Reply. I_Don-t_Care · 101d. how can someone get phished by using the correct website? that's impossible. If OP actually used binance.us or .com he should just wait, there have been loads of issues with money withdrawal and deposit lately, OP should pressure them to acknowledge.

Binance.com. I recently deposited over £300 in fiat by faster payments and the money has just disappeared? I've confirmed that Binance have recieved the funds through my bank account yet I can't see any history on my account of Binance even processing it/ logging the transaction 1. Log in to your Binance.US Account. 2. Access the balance page or your dashboard. 3. Next to Estimated Value, you will find a small icon that resembles an eye. Once you have located this icon, click it. 4. If you were hoping to conceal your balances, it should now be replaced with a series of asterisks. If you were hoping to reveal them, you should now see the balance of your account. This eye functions as a toggle, so you can show or hide your balances whenever you like, wherever you like Missing deposit. Binance.US. I made a deposit on April 22nd and it's still not there. I opened a ticket and they asked for a lot of information. They even asked for a video with me saying how much the transfer was. This seems weird. I did it but feel like an idiot

Missing Coins/Token balance from Binance online exchange wallet. So, I logged in today with the intention of converting some of my ENJ to BTC, only to see thy're not in my wallet! Checked my details, all just me from same place; checked transaction history, no withdrawls recorded Fiat currency deposit disappeared. Back. Complaint: Fiat currency deposit disappeared. brospecial on 16 May 2021 about Binance in category Crypto / DeFi / Blockchain. File complaint . How does Complain.biz work. New complaint. Complaint is being processed. Complaint resolved. Complaint closed. My complaint: I tried to deposit money to my binance account on the 28th of April but unfortunately.

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Wei Zhou, the chief finance officer at Binance, has left the company, according to a spokesperson at the biggest crypto exchange by trading volume, after having worked there for nearly three years... Answer: We've learned that Binance does not automatically withdraw to the main Ethereum network by default. They allows users to select Binance Chain or the Binance Smart Chain, their own blockchains, which allows Ethereum-based tokens to be held in the form of BEP2 and BEP20 respectively Log in to Binance.com, click on [Wallet]-[Overview]-[Transaction history] to find your cryptocurrency withdrawal records. If the [Status] shows that the transaction is processing, please wait for the confirmation process to be completed. If the [Status] shows that the transaction is Completed, you can click on [TxID] to check the transaction. Account Balance Troubleshooting. Balance Missing/Balance Showing Asterisks (*******) Why is a Portion of my Assets Locked/Frozen/Unable to be Withdrawn

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Steps in Finding the Missing Funds Before we go any further you need to understand first how Trust Wallet works and always make sure you have the latest app installed on your device. Trust Wallet is basically just a bridge to multiple blockchains. Technically, there is no funds stored on your wallet. The app holds the keys that allow you to connect to the network, check your balance and make. It appears that Binance's standard response to customer enquiries about their missing funds is a link to the April 2019 announcement—or, in other words, tough luck. While acknowledging that Binance did publicly announce their decision to delist BSV in April 2019 and end support for withdrawals a few months later, we sent a request to the company's media enquiries desk with the following. Step 2: Select 'GBP' under 'Currency' and then select 'Faster Payments' as a payment. Next, enter the GBP amount you would like to deposit and click [Continue]. ** Note that you can only deposit funds from a Bank Account with the EXACT same name as your registered Binance account

Due to some restrictions, Binance, the largest home exchange from cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency by volume, announced that it will stop serving US individuals and corporations on its main platform. As of September 12, said users will stop exchanging cryptocurrencies on the website, including the inability to make deposits Trade Troubleshooting. Mobile App 2.0 Features: Widgets. How to auto-update the Binance.US mobile app A new window will appear directing you to complete the process through Plaid. 5. Select your bank institution. 6. Enter your bank credentials through Plaid to securely connect your bank to your Binance.US account. 7. When complete, your ACH account will display on your Linked Accounts. Note by reconnecting your ACH account, you will also cancel. Binance has launched a US-based platform and is starting to block US users from using binance.com. If you are a US-based user, you will want to switch from using binance.com to binance.us. You'll also want to keep track of your crypto portfolio and have a record of your transactions for taxes. See below for step-by-step instructions on how to get this all done in 15 minutes

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Last week I twice successfully deposited fiat currency in my Binance account via Sepa bank transfer. I again transferred money on Monday 13th via bank transfer and I paid extra for the guaranteed same day delivery. This is a significantly larger amount and I wanted to take advantage of the dip. However it has not shown up. I confirmed with my. Binance.US will charge a fee five times the amount of the withdrawal fee. For information regarding our fees, please refer to our support page. What if I deposit a coin that Binance.US does not support? Your assets will remain in the blockchain until our firm is able to support the coin. For more details, please click here. Was this article helpful? Yes No. 0 out of 3 found this helpful. Have. I submitted 2 deposit orders via BINANCE US website totaling $31,200 USD on April 12 and 13 2021 and both wire transfers were processed on 4-13-2021. Money was sent from my bank account and but was never credited to my BINANCE US account. Despite numerous attempts, I am unable to resolve this issue with my bank, Coastal Aspirations, BINANCE, Signature Bank or Prime Trust LLC

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Hello, from yesterday I am facing issue. I transfered a lot USDT from Spot to Futures and money just disappeared. I can see them in Future Assets,.. People lost money. If this was handled differently by PancakeSwap, we could've said that this is only the auditor's fault. However, seeing the treatment the affected users got by the Pancakeswap team in Telegram, the story is different and we now got multiple perpetrators: The actual exploiters, which can be traced with the help of Binance Binance has been one of the most significant exchanges within the community crypto for its excellent service for the sale and purchase of Bitcoin and Altcoins. The platform is at the service of a long list of countries throughout the world for the operations of experienced traders and beginners and despite having gone through a millionaire hack about a month ago, the exchange remains standing. Binance's big idea—freedom of money—means that the exchange hopes to help anyone, anywhere, easily send money to each other around the world. It's a lofty goal, and really, that's just the start. If Binance succeeds, it'll make history and could even become a financial layer embedded into the Internet itself—but, like everything else in Binance's history, it will surely. Mr Zhao has said Binance closely follows US rules, blocks Americans from its website, and uses advanced technology to analyse transactions for signs of money laundering and other illicit activity. Last year, the firm warned that US residents would have their accounts frozen if they were found to be trading, crypto trade publications have reported

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  2. Binance launched in early 2020, global peer to peer trading merchant program for their P2P or c2c (Customer to Customer) trading platform to make avail variety of fiat to crypto or crypto to fiat payment channels and along with that, the merchants have to opportunity to make money from it. #Binance P2P . So In this article, we will learn and see the whole process fo how anyone can join and.
  3. Read extended Review based on user expirience about Binance: zero support for missing money
  4. At this point, Binance exchange offers trading in five stock tokens - Coinbase, Tesla, Apple, Microsoft and MicroStrategy. All the digital tokens presented on Binance are placed according to the contract with CM-Equity AG. It's a German company that owns the stocks and issues digital token equivalents

Inside money, markets, and big tech. Bitcoin; Tech ; Binance users are suddenly having their coins converted to Bitcoin [Updated] Story by Mix. 771 . Shares. Numerous concerned users have taken to. On 05.Apr 2021 Wanted to withdraw a part of my money from Binance to my Wise (ex TransferWise) bank. Had no idea that they do not work with Binance. They returned the amount to Binance and sent me this message: Currently, incoming payments are only acceptable from cryptocurrency platforms which are regulated by an.. @binance @SpartanProtocol But they won't support you changing your phone number- so you cant have your money. Brenda Rose (@BrendaR71177840) reported an hour ago. @binance I've got 5,000,000 Free coins and I wanna swap em with Dogecoins. So I'll be giving 1,500,000 Freecoins for 15dogecoins. I'm tired of them **** coins. Here's the address. You selected the Binance Smart Chain on Metamask and now you need to add the custom token that corresponds to the pegged token on your Ethereum address. In this example, I withdrew Ethereum from Binance to my Ethereum address, but on the Binance Smart Chain, so I need to add Binance-Peg Ethereum Token as a custom token on Metamask. In the Metamask main screen, where I see the balance, I click.

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  1. Disappear that box. Do not KYC. Close the window. Clear your cache and cookies. Turn the computer off. Wait an hour. Come back, set your VPN to the appropriate setting, and sign in. Everything should be fine. If you still get the message, do not KYC. Once you close the window out, you'll see that you're still allowed access to most features. Start a chat with customer service. Explain to them.
  2. @thbnmss @binance I made a deposit 1,5 month ago and my money is sill not appearing in my wallet. I made a claim that was accepted two weeks ago and still nothing happening. There is no one to talk with !! Is there anyone having the same issue ? #binance #binancebltscam #scam #fda 2021-06-18 14:41:14 @Dogememecoin @BinancePk @P4Provider @Tarik4Game @RedaSirius I have use P2P Binance in.
  3. If you want to send funds from your metamask account back to Binance on the BSC network you will need to get BNB tokens to pay for gas.. You can purchase BNB tokens on Binance and send to your metamask address that is holding the tokens you want to send out. Remember that you need to have enough BNB to cover the gas fees to make transactions in the BSC chain
  4. Binance says more than $40 million in bitcoin stolen in 'large scale' hack. Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has confirmed a large scale data breach, in which hackers stole more than $40.
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To get your historical data from Binance you can do one of two things: 1. Run the API importer in your CryptoTrader.Tax account. Login to your account and make sure you have Binance selected as an exchange that you trade on. Navigate to step 2, enter your API keys, and automatically import all of your trades into your account I bought $5000 of Cyrpto Currency USDT from Binance US, a crypto exchange. The order was executed and processed. The order and the trade are correct. The money was subtracted from my account. My balance for this crypto is missing $2000.00. The money is missing from USDT balance and my account balance. I have opened up at least four service requests over a 3 week period. None of my requests. As part of the inquiry, the officials who probe money laundering and tax offenses have sought information from individuals with insight into Binance's business, the report said. https://bloom.bg. I am using Binance for coin trade in Turkey. They also offered TR Binance version in my territory and encouraged people to use it with no transfer commission. And I have put some money and buy some USDT. Than I transferred it to my regular global Binance account. Even everything looks proper in TR Binance page, the USDT is missing now. It did. You can still technically choose to invest with Binance anyway, but you're doing so at your own risk. And the risks are sometimes high - a quick glance of the Binance subreddit shows a ton of threads from disgruntled users who discovered missing coins or have been locked out of their accounts. According to these users, the Binance's customer support only responds to their cases weeks.

via Binance.com. Binance ,the largest cryptocurrency exchange, has issued a number of crypto-pegged tokens on Binance Chain (BEP2 token format): BEP2 Bitcoin, BEP2 BCH, BEP2 XRP, BEP2 LTC. Pegged tokens such as BEP2 Bitcoin, are 100% backed by the native coin in reserve. The reserve addresses are published for anyone to audit Together with this exit scam, their twitter profile and website also disappeared. BSC is a decentralised and open-source ecosystem, it's extremely difficult to trace and search for the scammer and money. But Binance still has dedicated a lot of resources and efforts in doing so, in the hope to retrieve users' money back one day. What Binance is doing may not be favoured by some community. Step 4. Once you've chosen the amount of money that you want to spend, press Buy - at this point in the purchasing process, you'll be prompted to verify your account ( if you haven't done so prior to deciding to buy Bitcoin on Binance ). Press Verify Now . Step 5 Binance launched in early 2020, global peer to peer trading merchant program for their P2P or c2c (Customer to Customer) trading platform to make avail variety of fiat to crypto or crypto to fiat payment channels and along with that, the merchants have to opportunity to make money from it.. #Binance P2P. So In this article, we will learn and see the whole process fo how anyone can join and. Why digital versions of fiat money will be the enemies of democracy. CBDCs are being sold to the public as a tech upgrade to make payments and transfers faster and free of transaction costs. For example, citizens would each have their own digital accounts at the central bank. To pay a bill, you would just use your smartphone to transfer CBDCs from your account to the account of whoever you owe.

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  1. Binance is a popular cryptocurrency exchange which was started in China but then moved their headquarters to the crypto-friendly Island of Malta in the EU. Binance is popular for its crypto to crypto exchange services. Binance exploded onto the scene in the mania of 2017 and has since gone on to become the top crypto exchange in the world
  2. If you can not to Binance, give this a try. Binance just did an upgrade and some users (myself included) could not to their Binance accounts. Fr..
  3. Missing Cost Basis Warnings (previously called negative balance warnings) Missing Cost Basis Warnings happen when you haven't shown CryptoTrader.Tax how you originally purchased or otherwise acquired a certain cryptocurrency. When this is the case, there is no way for CryptoTrader.Tax to know what your cost basis in that cryptocurrency is. These warnings are almost always caused by missing.

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  1. Binance Chain DeFi Exchange Uranium Finance Loses $50M in Exploit. A Binance Smart Chain Uniswap clone, Uranium Finance, lost $50 million in tokens early Wednesday morning in an exploit. The.
  2. Binance dual-chain system allows you the freedom to build your own decentralized blockchain apps securely and without the need for an intermediary. Set up your account and get started
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You 'money' can be found. As long as you have the private key. Copy link onntastic commented May 25, 2018. Hey guys sorry for the late LATE response. All the wallets on each account in MM stay the same despite if your tokens disappeared or not. I just copied the wallet address, searched it on Etherscan and at the bottom section where you see transactions for that wallet address, click on the. In Binance you can trade for your cryptocurrencies (basically selling one to buy another). You can also avail of investment opportunities such as Futures or Margins Trading. They have their own smart contract blockchain (using the Binance Smart Chain) that handles staking, deposits, and De-Fi (liquid swapping, crypto loans), and others. This is. Binance, without reservation, a top crypto exchange at this time of writing. Numerous transactions are going on at each second on Binance, and you don't up to waste your money by commanding an unfair trade. If you transfer your funds on the wrong address, Binance or no other exchange will be capable of retrieving it for you Several exchanges like GateHub and Binance have been breached by hackers this year, but an exchange completely ceasing to exist with no notice or explanation is far more unusual. Bitsane had.

Binance Card is a Visa debit card and can be used by over 60 million merchants worldwide. Binance offers you cash back rewards of up to 8% in BNB on all eligible purchases you make with your Binance Visa Card. Binance charges you no crypto conversion fee for converting your crypto to fiat in real-time ALL MY 345,160,383,.53596 UNITS OF SAFEMOON UNITS AND OVER $2,200 DOLLARS OF MONEY IS MISSING!!!!! DISAPPEARED!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!! I had about 345 160,383.53596388 Units of SAFEMOON in my Trust wallet; with over $2,200 worth of money in my wallet about an hour ago,. I checked my wallet ab.. Make money trading cryptocurrency on Binance and Buy/sell Ethereum. Champion the market, make money trading cryptocurrency on Binance and trade ETH conveniently. No coding required. Learn More. Featured On. Works with the top 10. safe Exchanges. top-notch. Security & Encryption The best thing that witnessed in crypto in the last two years Archi. Start trading plans, 24/7. Coinrule is the. Binance allows its users to withdraw fiat from a Binance wallet to a local bank account or bank card. There are 14 currencies that can be sent from Binance exchange to a bank which include the AUD, BRL, EUR, GBP and USD. This means the money does not have to leave Binance to a fiat-to-crypto exchange like Coinbase to send money to a bank What Is Binance Coin? Binance is currently the world's second largest cryptocurrency exchange, with around $6 billion in assets traded in an average seven day period. Binance's rise to the top has been swift. Since its launch in July of 2017, Binance has grown at a rapid rate. Even in the current bear market users continue to sign up with the exchange

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Binance | 214,999 followers on LinkedIn. The World's Leading Blockchain Ecosystem and Digital Asset Exchange | Binance is the world's leading blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure. Bad support and missing funds 1 Pending Binance support is absolutely a joke. They will not help and do anything if your money is gone. Do not put money at binance I even have a ticket number here it is #2998810Binance will help hackers and scammers but not really people. I have 10000 my Xrp gone.Their support emailed back after 1 week and they regret they can't do anything about it .Do not.

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I bought $5000 of Cyrpto Currency USDT from Binance US, a crypto exchange. The order was executed and processed. The order and the trade are correct. The money was subtracted from my account. My balance for this crypto is missing $2000.00. The money is missing from USDT balance and my account balance. I have opened [ Binance Cut Leveraged Tokens Because Users 'Don't Read Warning Notices'. The CEO of Binance says the exchange had no choice but to delist FTX leveraged tokens because users didn't. Binance Jersey only supports you if you are from the list of accepted countries. How to make a fiat currency (GBP/EUR) deposit to your account. Note: Before you can deposit or withdraw money inside your Binance account, you need to pass your account verification via the KYC process first

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That would explain a missing $10. Link to post Share on other sites. Frix 3 Posted October 5, 2018. Frix. Regular; Member; 3 14 posts; Share ; Posted October 5, 2018 (edited) I never said anything about Binance, nor did I mention a transfer fee. I said that I was charged $10 for using Bithomp's wallet, and they did not disclose the charge up front. There is indeed 20 XRP in the wallet, but its. If binance is a subdirectory in current directory, you may be missing an __init__.py file -- See docs on packages. When you change the PYTHONPATH or make other changes, beware of ambiguity; avoid creating multiple sources where a module might be coming from, and name your modules/packages in a way as to avoid shadowing an existing module A fancy styled version of the RSI (Relative Stochastic Index) + MFI (Money Flow Index) oscillators in order to emphasize buy and sell opportunities. The 80 and 20 Bands are meant to be used in Bull or Bear markets. Better performing in D timeframes. The circles represent the cross between RSI and MFI . Designed for Crypto Markets Thanks @micheleprandina... 192. 1. Binance Moving Averages. Glassdoor gives you an inside look at what it's like to work at Binance, including salaries, reviews, office photos, and more. This is the Binance company profile. All content is posted anonymously by employees working at Binance Binance, the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange, is reportedly being probed by the DoJ and IRS amid allegations that it is being used to launder money

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This means that APRs refer to the annual rate when you borrow or earn money. Read more · 4 min read. 54. May 7 Soon, you'll meet Princess Zelda face-to-face, and she will explain everything Dear Hyruleans, Today we propose you a content a little bit different from usual. Indeed, recently many of you wanted to know more about the artist who created the NFTs. So we decided to. About Binance USD. Binance USD (BUSD) is a 1:1 USD-backed stable coin issued by Binance (in partnership with Paxos), Approved and regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS), The BUSD Monthly Audit Report can be viewed from the official website. Launched on 5 Sep 2019, BUSD aims to meld the stability of the dollar with blockchain technology The Winklevoss twins, for instance, built the Gemini exchange, while Changpeng Zhao founded Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. There are plenty of other examples. Valery Vavilov used his early interest in blockchain technology to start a Bitcoin miner Bitfury. Today, the company also produces and sells hardware for Bitcoin mining and generates over $400m in. Game Changing CryptoMarket Scanner & Alert Tool Instant volume monitoring, pump detection, social media trendalerts and much more for all of your favorite cryptocurrencies. Get Started Get Alerts MINUTES Faster Than the Competition! The days of missing a juicy pump in the crypto market are now over. You're in control, and you get the upper [ Open Binance Chain web wallet , then go to unlock page. You should see that Trezor is already an option for you. Allow access of your devide: Export Binance address for account #1; Get your address for this device; Confirm your address on Trezor; Please note that Trezor only supports the Binance Chain mainnet . 1) Click on the Balances navigation button in the Trading Interface to view. Blockchain Game Token ALICE Rises 60,000% in 30 Seconds Following Binance Listing. A cryptocurrency called ALICE surged 60,000% from $0.1 to $60 within a minute of being listed on crypto exchange.

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