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Deutschlandweite Geltendmachung von Schadensersatzansprüchen gegenüber Handelplattformen. Fachanwaltliche kostenfreie Ersteinschätzung Ihres Falles The article states that you can deposit USD₮, which Bitfinex will treat as USD when trading; or withdraw your FIAT in the form of ₮ tokens on the Omni Blockchain. Therefore, when you withdraw USDT, every token is backed on a 1:1 ratio by its equivalent in USD and can only be used as a tether to real-world currency USD vs USDT. I have some practical questions about USDT and Bitfinex. Been using Bitfinex for a few years and am generally happy with the exchange. Never used it to withdraw fiat. Tried once and failed back in start 2017. I want to know 2 things: Can I transfer USDT from my Binance account to Bitfinex? If so, will it show up as USD (cannot find USDT pairs on Bitfinex)? And if this is so, then. Figure 2 zooms-in on the Bitfinex spread since March 2019. But, USDTâ s path to popularity has been quite an adventurous one. The idea was to create a stable cryptocurrency that can be used like digital dollars. Now, USD wires are being credited as USD and USDT deposits are being credited as USDT. VET has topped and is about to get CRUSHED in tandem with Bitcoin topping into another long bear. Bitfinex users can also buy USDT on the market through the available trading pairs, including BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT. Tether. USDT / USD. $1.01. (0.28%) Market Cap Rank #3. Market Cap $63,134,118,354. 24H Volume $63,168,231,818. 24H High/Low $1.01/$0.993488

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Tap here to call us (954-771-5181) Home; Services. Vehicle Inspection; Pre-Purchase Checkup; Diagnostic Services; Performance Upgrades; Brake Repair & Service; Shocks & Suspension; Air Conditioning; Oil & Lubrication ; Engine Overhaul; Transmission Overhaul; Extended Warranties. Warranty Checkup; Gallery. Sprinter Logo Graphics; Classic Car Show; Mercedes Benz E 320 Overhaul; Mercedes Benz. 1 USD is 100 cents always, while 1 USDT can have fluctuating value depending upon the value of the fiat and other market conditions that it is traded against. USD is denoted by the symbol $ while USDT is in itself a symbol. USD refers to money, or fiat cash, or liquidity in one sense. But how liquid USDT is, at some point in time, depends upon the state of the security holding banks and of Tether Limited as an independent entity itself. SO liquidity is unpredictable. There. Established in July 2014, Bitfinex limited released the dollar-backed Tether stablecoin in January 2015. It operates a centralized custodial holding of fiat currency. Being the largest stablecoin by market cap, USDT currently valued at a $15 billion market cap Perbedaan USDT dengan USD. Perbedaan USDT dan USD terletak pada regulasi dan kebijakan yang menaunginya. Jika USD diatur dari regulasi langsung oleh Federal Reserve di Amerika Serikat, USDT masuk ke dalam mata uang crypto yang dibuat oleh perusahaan Tether Limited

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  1. USDT Vs TUSD Price: First and foremost, currently TUSD is traded at $1.00, which is equivalent of a US dollar with a market capitalization of $78,724,093 USD while the USDT is valued at $0.997, with a market capitalization of $2,748,503,636 USD. Tether (USDT) is currently ranked 8 by market capitalization while TrueUSD is ranked 71. The USDT token and Tether Limited has been marred by controversy for a long time now. From allegations to links between USDT and Bitfinex to.
  2. It is interesting to note that over our sample period, Bitcoin always had more than twice the volume vs. Tether than vs. fiat, even at its lowest ratio. The maximum ratio of USDT/USD trading volume was 13.95, indicating at one point, BTC/USDT daily trading volume was 13.95 times greater than BTC/USD
  3. Before thinking you can use USDT as a safe haven, you should note that more often than not, these stablecoins are not backed 1:1, or at least not proven to be, and that while they might be stable as of right now, that that is not a guarantee for the future. USDT in particular lacks audits. A quick google search on the topic will give you a wide range of articles why they're so controversial.
  4. Der bekannteste Stablecoin - mit einer aktuellen Marktkapitalisierung von rund 8 Milliarden US-Dollar - ist Tether, mit dem Währungskürzel USDT. Die asiatische Kryptobörse Bitfinex und Tether weisen enge Verflechtungen auf. Beide Unternehmen haben den identischen Geschäftsführer bzw. Initiator. Obwohl Stablecoins ihre Berechtigung und ihren Nutzen haben, empfehle ich Ihnen, auf den Einsatz der Cryptocoin Tether zu verzichten. Mir persönlich fehlt das Grundvertrauen in.
  5. Jede USDT-Einheit ist durch einen US-Dollar in den Reserven der Tether Limited gesichert und kann über die Tether-Plattform eingelöst werden. USDT kann wie Bitcoins oder jede andere Kryptowährung übertragen, gespeichert und ausgegeben werden. Benutzer können Tethers mit jeder Omni Layer-fähigen Geldbörse wie Ambisafe, Holy Transaction oder Omni Wallet handeln und speichern

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While USDT may be the largest and most liquid stablecoin, it has dealt with number of controversies over the years, however — in particular, doubts have been voiced over whether USDT is in fact fully backed 1:1 by US dollars as its issuer claims. These issues may have, in part, prevented institutions from adopting USDT as a medium of exchange Real-Time Bitfinex ESS/USD Essentia to unified Stable Dollar Market Charts Trade and chart with live market data for ETHUSD on Bitfinex within the Cryptowatch trading terminal

KYC Verified (intermediate level or higher) Bitfinex users can freely deposit, trade and withdraw USD₮, EUR₮, and CNH₮ converting these to fiat (and vice-versa) through means of USDT/USD, EURT/EUR and trading pairs on our platform. Learn more about the benefits of using TETHER tokens here Mitte 2019 wurden sogar USDT-Zahlungen an Bitfinex vom New Yorker Obersten Gerichtshof eingefroren. Beide Unternehmen wurden gerichtlich dazu aufgefordert, eine Dokumentation über alle Darlehen und den jeweiligen Kreditrahmen, die Tether Bitfinex zur Verfügung gestellt hat, vorzulegen. Später am Ende des letzten Jahres sah sich Tether und Bitfinex in den USA mit einer Sammelklage in New. Bloomberg reports that under pressure of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, the companies disclosed that USDT is not fully USD-pegged but is backed by only 74 percent, which is only three quarters of the total supply. Bitfinex loses $850 mln. A recent report says that Bitfinex has lost $850 mln and has been covering this loss with USDT.

The exchange also has connections with the popular coin Tether (USDT), through their mutual shareholders. In the past, there have been some accusations that the platform was using Tether funds to cover up for its own shortfalls but the whole thing was dropped due to lack of evidence. Bittrex vs Bitfinex: The Comparison Supported Cryptocurrencies. Bittrex offers an outstanding number of up to. Live-Kurs-Chart für USDT/USD Bitfinex. Preisstatistiken für verschiedene Zeiträume, Orderbuch, Neuigkeiten und Trollbox USD vs USDT lending performance in 2020. What did perform better in regards to lending rates in 2020 at Bitfinex? USD or Tether? With 13.93% vs 10.66% the lending performance of USD is clearly outperforming the lending performance of Tether! More insights in the lending market of 2020 will be provided with upcoming full Coinlend report Today we saw a huge spike surging on BTC vs USD. But the actual pump may have occurred due to a dump of USDT on Kraken. Bitfinex is the highest volume exchange of BTCUSD... but it actually does not trade USD, but USDT! So everything works fine as long 1USD=1USDT... but right now, that is not the case ROAD TOWN, British Virgin Islands, June 26, 2020, 9:00 AM UTC — Bitfinex, a state-of-the-art digital asset trading platform, has introduced a zero fees scheme on the Tether/US Dollar (USDt/USD) pair to users who reach a trailing 30-day trading volume of more than $15 million, throughout the duration of the scheme. The zero fees benefit on the Tether/US Dollar (USDt/USD) pair, which applies.

Bitfinex acknowledges that liquidity providers deserve to be rewarded. As such, the company now offers zero-fee trading on USDt/USD trading. This offer applies to users who generate over $15 million in monthly volume on the platform. The zero fees offer applies to both maker and taker orders All existing USD balances on Bitfinex will remain fiat and unaffected by this change. Any Tether deposits initiated before 14:30:00 UTC on the 27th of November will be credited to the user's fiat wallet balances, whereas Tether deposits initiated after this cutoff time will be credited as Tether (USDT). As always, our dedicated support team will be available 24/7 for any queries around this. Apa Itu USD Tether (USDT)? USDT (Tether) merupakan stablecoin yang nilainya dipatok pada dolar AS. USDT ini hadir untuk melindungi penggunanya dari volatilitas ruang mata uang crypto yang tinggi. Tether ini diciptakan oleh Jan Ludovicus van der Velde, yang juga berperan sebagai CEO Bitfinex dan Tether Limited. Koin ini berjalan di blockchain Bitcoin melalui Protokol Layer Omni. Dalam. USDC vs USDT. After USDT, USD Coin (USDC) is the largest stablecoin by market cap. USDC is governed by Centre, a membership-based consortium, of which Circle and Coinbase are founding members. So USDC is basically a stablecoin launched and governed by Circle and Coinbase. USDC is also audited montly by an auditing firm, Grant Thornton LLP, just like BUSD. The company behind USDC follows US. USD Tether is a product by Tether limited founded by CEO JL Van de Velde who is also the CEO of Bitfinex Exchange. Bitcoin usd vs usdt. And if you take Bitcoin option the same amount of USD will be converted into BTC the same two days every month. The supply of Bitcoin increases as more of it is. It is issued through Bitcoins Omni Layer Protocol by Tether Limited the company behind its.

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The integrity of omni-based USDT has been questioned by the community along with its rising supply. On a recent weibo, Zhaodong, an early adopter of Bitcoin and awhale, claimed that the USD balance of Bitfinex and Tether was over 3 billion after Giancarlo, CFO of Tether and Bitfinex, showed them the bank accounts in Tokyo Bitfinex/Tether (USDT) Scandal Knocks $10 Billion Off Market Cap. The still-recovering crypto market endured a massive loss on Thursday, April 25th, after allegations were made against a popular crypto exchange, Bitfinex. According to the New York Attorney General's office announcement, the exchange covered up a massive $850 million-large. Through Bitfinex Borrow, users can use their BTC and ETH as collateral to take out loans in USDT or USD; Bitfinex says users can expect borrowing rates to range between 5.5% and 18.25% APR; Bitfinex introduces borrowing feature. The Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange has introduced a lending service that allows customers to take out loans in either the USDT stablecoin or USD by using their BTC. BTC/USD Long - NonStop Bitcoin Trading on Bitfinex Live Music #BTC #USDt #longBitfinex discount here:https://www.bitfinex.com/?refcode=IDNhttps://www...

Examine the current Tether US Dollar Bitfinex rate and access to our USDT USD converter, charts, historical data, news, and more OAG found also that, as of November 2018, tethers were again no longer backed one-to-one by USD in a Tether bank account. iFinex Was Misleading Clients . The OAG announcement also noted that its suspicions about Bitfinex and Tether obscuring the loss of $850 million in user funds by Crypto Capital turned out to be true. On April 26, 2019 — after the OAG revealed in court documents that. Der bekannteste Stablecoin - mit einer aktuellen Marktkapitalisierung von rund 8 Milliarden US-Dollar - ist Tether, mit dem Währungskürzel USDT. Die asiatische Kryptobörse Bitfinex und Tether weisen enge Verflechtungen auf. Beide Unternehmen haben den identischen Geschäftsführer bzw. Initiator. Obwohl Stablecoins ihre Berechtigung und ihren Nutzen haben, empfehle ich Ihnen, auf den.

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  1. NY AG's Probe of Tether, Bitfinex Ends in $18.5M Settlement. Bitfinex and Tether reach a $18.5M settlement with the New York Attorney General, bringing 22-month inquiry to an end. CoinDesk's.
  2. Tether Stablecoin Guide: How USDT Crypto Token Works Tether (USDT) stablecoin is one of the cryptocurrency market's biggest controversial topics in the bitcoin community. Master The Crypto put together a three-part guide for you to review to better understand Tether, how Stablecoins work and the Bitfinex association/price manipulation drama
  3. Bitcoin vs. USDT: Warum die falsche Basiswährung große Verluste bedeutet By Jake Simmons 31. Januar 2021 Keine Kommentare. Source: travis - Adobe Stock . Als Krypto-Trader ist es wichtig, die richtige Basiswährung für das Portfolio zu wählen. Wenn du überhaupt keine wählst, wird es unmöglich sein, deine Gewinne und Verluste zu verfolgen - was nur zu mehr Verlusten führen wird. Die.
  4. Comparative features of Tether (USDT) vs. SameUSD. The Tether (USDT) Stablecoin . Tether is the first, and arguably the most well-known stablecoin in the crypto market. It is a fiat-collateralized stablecoin that is pegged to the United States Dollar (USD). Every USDT issued into circulation is backed in a 1:1 ratio with the exact amount of corresponding fiat currency, or so they say. These.

Live Trading 24/7 , Current Exchanges Displayed are Huobi, Binance, Bitfinex , HitBtc. All shows BTC - USD - USDT Trading. We are working hard to provide. The Bitfinex platform will enable USDt deposits and withdrawals on the OMG Network. Today, we're excited to announce the launch of the OMG Network that supports thousands of transactions per second and reduces transaction costs to a third of Ethereum, said Vansa Chatikavanij, CEO at OMG Network. We're delighted to partner with Bitfinex to address blockchain's scalability issues. Bitfinex SNX / USDT price chart & orderbook data for Synthetix Network Token, priced in Tether (snxust) Binance vs Bitfinex Comparison Table 2021; Binance Bitfinex; Review. Review . Binance is one of the leading online crypto exchanges offering Bitcoin. Bitfinex is among the best crypto exchanges for experienced traders with a free mobile trading app and low fees. Traders from US accepted. Traders from US not accepted. Bonus; None: None: Instruments; Cryptos: Cryptos: Demo Account; No: Yes. Bitfinex, the popular bitcoin/cryptocurrency trading platform, today announced that it has commenced deposits, withdrawals, and trading of Dogecoin (DOGE). DOGE is available to trade with US Dollars (DOGE/USD) and Tether tokens (DOGE/USDt). Users can convert their existing MegaDogecoin (MDOGE) holdings on the Bitfinex platform to DOGE via the conversion tool at a conversion rate of [

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If you are into cryptocurrencies, today's topic might be fascinating and insightful to many of you. I am sure you must have heard of Tether (USDT), others may have used it too.. For the first-timers, USDT is a USD backed stablecoin or crypto that started with the promise of being 1:1 in USD: USTD and to act as a haven against the wild volatility from the crypto markets Margin trading for USDt/USD pair is now available on Bitfinex! USDt/USD can be traded with a maximum leverage of 10x, an initial margin of 10% and a maintenance margin of 5%. Find out more USDt/USD can be traded with a maximum leverage of 10x, an initial margin of 10% and a maintenance margin of 5% USDT/USD Kraken Overview. Comprehensive information about the USDT USD (Tether vs. US Dollar Kraken). You will find more information by going to one of the sections on this page such as historical.

Bitfinex, the popular bitcoin/cryptocurrency trading platform, today announced that it has commenced deposits, withdrawals, and trading of Dogecoin (DOGE). DOGE is available to trade with US Dollars (DOGE/USD) and Tether tokens (DOGE/USDt). Users can convert their existing MegaDogecoin (MDOGE) holdings on the Bitfinex platform to DOGE via the conversion tool at a conversion rate o Bitfinex USDT / USD price chart & orderbook data for Tether, priced in United States Dollar (ustusd)

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Tether and Bitfinex finally had to turn over documents to the refund will be primarily received by the holders from the US. Users from other countries may suffer more. True, with such a turn of events, claims from other countries may fall on Tether, Stankevich explained. Full-blown collapse? A full blown collapse of USDT tokens could have a huge effect on the wider market as well. But. The platform has four base currencies BTC, ETH, USDT and BNB through which you can trade in any of the coins on the exchange. Bitfinex, on the other hand, supports a few fiat currencies too that includes USD, EUR, GBP and JPY. Although, deposits and withdrawal of the funds are limited to 10,000 for USD/EUR?GBP and 1,000,0000 for JPY It was 2014 and there were few exchanges like Bitfinex, Coinbase, OkEx, and Coinbase. So, the problem is that when there were big price movements, there was huge price discrepancy, even 25% sometimes. And, that is not the type of asset that can go make it straight. You cannot have funds that are stepping in to a market that is so difficult to arbitrage, because first of all the only way to do. As USDT is unable to live up as per the promises made by them. - TrueUSD is an ERC20 token which is based on Ethereum Blockchain and it is controlled by a smart contract whereas Tether is a token built on Omni layer and it is based on Bitcoin blockchain. - Under TrueUSD, it is safe to invest due to their legal protection and regular auditing.

USDT wurde von einer Firma namens Tether Limited geschaffen und ist eng mit der Bitfinex-Börse verbunden. Derzeit befinden sich über 2 Milliarden USDT im Umlauf. Potenzielle Käufer sollten bedenken, dass das Unternehmen Tether zwar behauptet, über Fiat-Währungsreserven zu verfügen, um alle im Umlauf befindlichen Tether zu stützen, es dafür aber keine konkreten Beweise gibt. Tether hat. Compare the two trading platforms, Bitfinex and Kraken. Analyze fees, cryptocurrencies offered, liquidity, security and other important factors Betrachten Sie den USDT zu USD Markt an der Bitfinex Börse. Einschließlich des Live-Kurses, des 24-Stunden-Handelsvolumens, des Marktrangs und weiterer Statistiken

Examine the current Tether US Dollar Bitfinex rate and access to our USDT USD converter, charts, historical data, news, and more Bitfinex today launched new functionality that allows users to trade its flagship stablecoin Tether (USDT) on margin, letting traders execute trades with borrowed money, with more trading pairs set to be announced in the future.. The anticipated functionality on the USDT/USD pair enables users to maximize their trading power and tap into idle funds for a better value, says the exchange What is the difference between USD and USDT has captivated a lot of interest since the notorious transactions with Tether took place and since the cryptocurrency token started to interest many. Basically, USD is the ISO acronym for 1 Dollar worth. USD USDT $ 1 1.00 $ 5 5.00 $ 10 9.99 $ 50 49.97 $ 100 99.94 $ 250 249.85 $ 500 499.70 Conversion from Tether to United States dollar. The. When you select USDT pairs in Bittrex, the user interface does not show USDT but shows U$ instead, clearly suggesting USDT is the official US Dollar price for coins and tokens. Their Bitcoin summary page (available straight from their home page) also clearly shows USD trading for Bitcoin, but when you click through to it, you reach the BTC/Tether trading screen

Bitfinex vs Kucoin From the comparison between Bitfinex and Kucoin, it can be seen that Bitfinex has a total score of 60 and Kucoin has a total score of 20. Bitfinex's taker fee is 0.075%, and the makerfee is -0.02%. The fee for taker in Kucoin is 0.06%, and the fee for maker is 0.02%. Bitfinex currently has daily turnover of $147.36M and open interest of $1.34B. Kucoin daily turnover of $1. At the same time, Bitfinex has announced Tether neutrality with USDT/USD and EURT/EUR Tether trading pairs replacing the previous system whereby Bitfinex would redeem Tethers 1:1 for US dollars It is pegged to the US dollar, where one USDT represents one USD. The stablecoin is issued by Hong Kong-based homonymous company Tether, which claims to maintain reserves equal to the number of USDT in circulation. Tether, Bitfinex and US authorities. Legal disputes between Tether, the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex, and the US regulators are on the list of the most clamorous scandals of the. USDT: Development; White paper: Tether White Paper.pdf: Website: tether.to: Block explorer : Omniexplorer.info, Etherscan.io: Tether is a controversial cryptocurrency with tokens issued by Tether Limited, which in turn is controlled by the owners of Bitfinex. Tether Limited formerly falsely [citation needed] claimed that each token was backed by one United States dollar, but on 14 March 2019. The reason is that Tether sends these mint USDT directly to Bitfinex. While it's unclear what exact transactions take place with them after, what we observe is that once these USDT enter the.

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Preisdifferenz von Tether auf Bitfinex vs Coinbase und Binance. BTCUSD-BTCUSDT . puma_hh . BTCUSD-BTCUSDT . Volatility Fundamental Analysis Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency) tehter bitfinex coinbase binance usdt USD. 315 views. 7. 3. volatility fundamental bitcoin tehter bitfinex coinbase binance usdt usd. Die letzten Wochen hatte es echt wieder Spaß gemacht Bitcoin zu charten. Auf vielen Börsen. BTC/USD Bitfinex Historical Data. Get free historical data for BTC USD (Bitcoin US Dollar Bitfinex). You'll find the closing price, open, high, low, change and %change of the currency pair for the.

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Bitfinex CTO and Tether CTO, Paolo Ardoino, has clarified that Tether (USDT) is indeed regulated. Mr. Ardoino announced via Twitter that Tether was also registered with FinCEN. His comments come after Tether competitors have been using the 'regulation' card to gain favor with users. Tether recently hit $16 Billion in market capitalization Stabile Währungen: Fiat vs Crypto Analyse der an den US-Dollar gebundenen Fiat-Währungen und Vergleich mit stabilen Münzen. Als die Medien fragen, ob Tether über genügend US-Dollar-Reserven verfügt, um seinen Wert im jüngsten USDT / Bitfinex-Drama (April 2019) zu stützen, scheinen die Leute zu vergessen, dass in der Fiat-Welt ein Dutzend Länder / Regionen seit geraumer Zeit ähnliche. Tether had an all-time high of $1.0926 over 3 years ago. Over the last day, Tether has had 26% transparent volume and has been trading on 31,845 active markets with its highest volume trading pairs being USDT ($77.62B), USD ($428.91M), and TRY ($132.70M). Tether (₮) (USD₮) is a cryptocurrency with digital tokens designed to replicate the. Tether hat bis einschließlich April 2021 mehr als 52 Milliarden USDT ausgegeben, 20 Milliarden davon im Jahr 2020, weitere 32 Milliarden im ersten Drittel des Jahres 2021. Im Monat April 2021 wurden täglich durchschnittlich 340 Millionen USDT ausgegeben. Durch unklare Finanzverhältnisse der Tether Limited und dem exponentiellen Anstieg der USDT-Herausgabe wird zunehmend der Ruf laut nach. When it comes to USDT vs USDC vs DAI . USDT takes the 3rd place in our ranking. (2) DAI. The fears we had on USDT has painted a shady image about the stablecoin in our mind. This fear made us find the next best stablecoin to switch to. DAI is a stablecoin present in the MakerDao eco system. For those who dont know: MakerDAO is a Decentraised.

USDT vs USDC: How They Differ? - Timestamp MagazineWhere Art Thou Hash Rate Bitcoin? – Adaptive AnalysisUSDT vs TUSD : 테더USD 와 트루USDBEARS vs BULLS (BTC / USD) Bitcoin for BITFINEX:BTCUSD by


Binance ist sicherlich eine populärere Börse von den beiden, aber BitPanda hat auch seine eigenen Vorzüge, auf die man sich verlassen kann. Es ist besonders beliebt in den europäischen Ländern und es hat einen viel besseren regulatorischen Status als Binance. Binance vs Bitpanda: Kurze Zusammenfassung Bitpanda vs Binance: Ausführlicher Vergleich Bitpanda Überblick: Bitpanda ist ein. Tether USDT is a stablecoin with backed 1:1 by the US dollar. It is issued through Bitcoin's Omni Layer Protocol by Tether Limited, the company behind its development. The crypto coin leverages.

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กราฟสตรีมมิ่ง USDT/USD Bitfinex. ดูกราฟแบบเรียลไทม์ของเรา USDT USD Bitfinex ได้ฟรี โดยกราฟ พื้นที่ ที่ไม่เหมือนใครนี้จะทำให้คุณสามารถสังเกต. Ultimate Guide to Stablecoins (Crypotocurrency): USDT vs USDC vs BUSD vs DAI. Joel Koh. 29 May 2021. As an asset class, cryptocurrencies (crypto) are known for being infamously volatile, save for exceptions like stablecoins: a category of cryptocurrencies that try and peg their market value to an external asset. Source: The Block BTC/USD Bitfinex Streaming Chart. Get instant access to a free live streaming BTC USD Bitfinex chart. The chart is intuitive yet powerful, offering users multiple chart types including. Compare the two cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT). Algorithm, price, market cap, volume, supply, consensus method, links and more USDT/USD Price. 1,00 USD (0,01%) 0,00001830 BTC (1,77%) Market Cap. $52 166 217 202 954 501 BTC. Volume (24h) $184 595 824 033 3 377 605 BTC. Circulating Supply. 54 446 291 004 USDT Free UK Chat Room - JibJabChat British Chat Room and Free UK Forum . Online Chat and Message Boards - Click on the links or menu below to ente

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