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Meanwhile, strong support for bitcoin can be found around the $42,000 level, which was successfully tested over the weekend. That support level coincides with a fibonacci retracement level and will.. Currently, the optimal situation is for BTC to hold onto the $44,800 support level if it drops below the current price above $50,000, making it a macro support level, and move back up. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixaba Meanwhile, strong support for bitcoin can be found around the $42,000 level, which was successfully tested over the weekend. That support level coincides with a fibonacci retracement level and. An analyst from ethereumworldnews.com pointed out that Bitcoin may find support in the $27,000 to $28,000 level. According to the report, if BTC doesn't recover from the current market dips, it. 1st Resistance Level: (R1) = (2 * PP) - L; 2nd Resistance Level: (R2) = PP + (R1 - S1) 3rd Resistance Level: (R3) = H + (2 * (PP - L)) 1st Support Level: (S1) = (2 * PP) - H; 2nd Support Level: (S2) = PP - (R1 - S1) 3rd Support Level: (S3) = L - (2 * (H - PP)) My Barchart members have the option to export the data to an Excel spreadsheet or as a .csv file

These are the key support levels bitcoin and ether need to

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Support junctures of 34000.00 to 32000.00 need to be watched closely. If Bitcoin continues to stay within its current price range and is not able to mount a sustained buying spree, support levels may prove to be vulnerable within these values. If the 32000.00 level is broken lower traders may continue to grow nervous Bitcoin did end up catching 33k support as the bottom. We didn't see a touch of 27k or something crazy like 24k or sub 20k. From here, looking at the 4-hour of BTC it looks like this was the bottom painted here after wicking 33k for a 2nd time, along this rising channel around the $36-37k zone heading upwards to 40k and beyond Bitcoin Is Holding Firm Near The $37,500 Level If Bitcoin does not break upwards within the next few days we are likely headed down to the 100-day moving average, which will be below $50,000. Jason Lau, COO of cryptocurrency exchange.

Analyst Thinks Bitcoin's Support Level Will Be $27 - $28k

Bitcoin falling back toward support level as Ethereum fights for balance. The Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) markets opened the week to an active hurdle between the buyers and sellers as. Bitcoin is now facing resistance at $57,800. There are support levels between $50,250-$52,500. The wave count for BTC is unclear Do support and resistance levels work for Bitcoin only No, every cryptocurrency and even tradable assets on other markets will have these levels. How they respond may be different though, and you'll need to spend your time familiarizing yourself with each of the ones that you want to trade Bitcoin is still in the support (36 degree). The structure of the price, looks like is recovering the channel. We're in wykoff accumulation, 5th wave longterm+abc correction+August 2020 fractal. I am expecting the last bull-run-bubble-version, LOL. We're buying from 36k. Targets: 160k, 300k (most likely), 600k, 1MM We HOLD up to January. See you

Bitcoin Is Tanking: Here Are the Support Levels to Watch Bret Kenwell 5/19/2021. The State Where The Most People Work At Walmart . Why Starbucks is sold out of your summer favorites. It has been a. Der Bitcoin Kurs befindet sich gerade in der Nähe des Support-Levels bei 47.800 USD. Die nächsten beiden Widerstandslevel liegen bei 51.125 USD und 52.725 USD. Der Bitcoin Kurs wird gerade innerhalb eines symmetrischen Dreiecksmusters gehandelt BTC is expected to break out from the current trading pattern and attempt to move above the $59,500 resistance area. BTC Bounces At Support Bitcoin has been moving downwards since reaching an all. Bitcoin Preis Tageschartanalyse Der Bitcoin Preis ist, seitdem er am 19. Mai 2021 den Tiefpunkt bei 30.000 USD erreicht hat, angestiegen. Am 26. Mai 2021 Continued Der Beitrag Bitcoin Preis prallt vom Support-Level bei 36.000 USD ab erschien zuerst auf BeInCrypto The Significance of Round Numbers in Bitcoin Support & Resistance Bitcoin is breaking the $60,000 Resistance When considering prices, we instinctively think in round numbers. Therefore, round numbers can be significant when trading. BTC is no different. When Bitcoin prices first started spiraling in 2017, breaking the $10,000 resistance level was significant. It resulted in prices.

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Bitcoin Preis Wochenchartanalyse Nachdem der Bitcoin Preis letzte Woche den Wochenhöchststand bei 59.500 USD erreicht hat, ist er auf das Wochentief bei 43.825 USD gefallen. Der BTC Preis lag zuletzt im Februar auf Continued Der Beitrag Bitcoin Preis erreicht Langzeit-Support-Level bei 43.400 USD erschien zuerst auf BeInCrypto Bitcoin (BTC) After testing the bearish dynamic resistance just under $9,200 in the early hours of Sunday, Bitcoin now tries to stabilize the level of support in the $8,500 area, levels that it recorded with the drop on Sunday. Today BTC is swinging in the 8,650 area, an area that has characterized the movements of the last 12 hours Bitcoin surpassed $50,000 for the first time this year, and has been trading north of this price level since March 8. Several market experts offer technical analysis on the digital currency

Very quickly, Bitcoin broke through the $59,200 and $58,500 support levels. Even though the price of BTC is above the simple moving average of 4 hours, there is a clear downtrend visible here. Whenever the price of Bitcoin is approaching $60k, a bearish rally is seen. Now the price is at $57k, and if it breaks below that, then a quick movement to $55k could be expected. We do hope that it. Round-number support and resistance levels are horizontal lines drawn at round-number exchange rates, such as 1.00, 1.10, 1.20, 1.25 etc. The following chart shows the EUR/USD pair with each round number acting as a line of resistance and support. Example of a Round Number Acting as a Line of Resistance and Support

Support and Resistance Defined. Support is a price level where a downtrend can be expected to pause due to a concentration of demand or buying interest. As the price of assets or securities drops. Für allgemeine Support-Anfragen nutzen Sie bitte unser Kontaktformular. Falls Sie eine Beschwerde abgeben möchten, können Sie sich dazu direkt an die Hauptstelle der futurum bank AG wenden. Bitte nutzen Sie dazu die E-Mail-Adresse beschwerdemanagement@bitcoin.de oder die Postanschrift futurum bank AG, Beschwerdestelle / Compliance. Additionally, $10k will be Bitcoin's support after this level served as resistance in 2017. $50,000 is Potential 2021 Bitcoin Resistance; Support Is $10,000. Bitcoin will maintain its propensity to advance in price into 2021, in our view, with macroeconomic, technical and demand vs. supply indicators supportive of $50,000 target resistance, implying about a $1 trillion market cap. The. Watch This Support Level! By. Chris Kimble-June 9, 2021. Share. Twitter. Facebook. Linkedin. Last November, we highlighted a cup and handle bullish pattern on Bitcoin that served as a base for a. Bitcoin Video 08.06.21. Bitcoin Remains Under Pressure. Bitcoin managed to get below the key support level at $35,000 and is testing the next support at $32,000. Other cryptocurrencies are also.

Bitcoin Price days, BTC — $ 12,000 resistance level, Bitcoin (BTC) Support Levels Levels : Dollar, GBP/USD, volume has gone contrary levels across bitcoin and no surprise. In recent to Crypto Trading If traders regard to the popular observation will likely — of Bitcoin ? Just zone at $10,500. Two support level that stretches combining for support Immense Results with the help of the. Bitcoin Looking At $15,500 Support Level: According to a May 16 tweet by Puru Saxena, an investment fund manager and prominent investment analyst, the Bitcoin bubble burst appears to be underway, with signs pointing to a $15,500 support level for the No. 1 cryptocurrency. He observes the 200-week EMA as the historical support, which is presently long way down at $16,000. #.

Bitcoin's 40% crash 'does feel like capitulation,' says

  1. Bitcoin Remains Under Pressure. Bitcoin managed to get below the key support level at $35,000 and is testing the next support at $32,000. Other cryptocurrencies are also moving lower. Ethereum.
  2. Today, bitcoin dropped by a sharp 4.8% and reached as low as $54,650. However, the cryptocurrency is back trading at around $56,000 as it found solid support at the 20-day MA which allowed it to rebound. A quick recap: Bitcoin's price decreased to as low as $47,000 (.5 Fib) over the past two weeks but it has since recovered a lot of the losses. As can be seen on the short-term charts, BTC.
  3. Bitcoin breaks the support level. by Jeff Kalu. Why bears still looking hungry. Bitcoin has been red and is still dipping. The prices have gone from highs of $64,000 to an incredible price of less than $40k on Wednesday 19 th 2021. Bulls couldn't hold the prices at $40,000 and $40,500. These technical indicators would have been the reason for a break out on the prices. Not defying those.
  4. Support levels: $1,000, $900, $800 BCH/USD - Daily Chart Today's trading operation is presently experiencing a long bullish candlestick spanning from a low below $1,000 level to now briefly.
  5. ed by looking at the volume and other factors. If a.
  6. Whales Are Likely to Defend This One Key Support Level. While speaking about Bitcoin's current support, one analytics firm explained that the price level just beneath $30,000 will likely continue acting as a strong base of support. They note that the whale buying activity here is significant and that these large investors will likely continue defending it. This is how you trade whale.
  7. The next level of support is at $27,000 which could stabilize the current sell-off. BTC was trading around $32,800 at the time of publication. Bitcoin registered a series of lower price highs.

This level is the next, untested support level that was marked during the parabolic market last year: BTC-USD , Daily Candles, Next Untested Support If we manage to break current support and test the $3,000 area, I think we will start to see some larger players take up positions in bitcoin Horizontal Support & Resistance. The most important and easiest to identify support and resistance levels take the shape of horizontal lines as a result a trend being rejected repeatedly at a very. Ethereum Support Level at $1,800 Appears to Be Weaker Than Bitcoin. Etheruem is currently poised around its All-time high once again. Though Bitcoin is still a long way from breaking the $60805 mark. However, amid ETH's strong technological traction and entry into price discovery, on-chain research reveals that its support is narrow than.

Bitcoin's decline of 17% over the weekend could set it up for further downside if a key technical support level is decisively breached, according to a Monday note from technical analyst Katie. A close above $41,200 level is likely to stage a move towards the $43,500 level. Dips Limited in BTC? If bitcoin fails to clear the $41,200 resistance, it could start a downside correction. An initial support on the downside is near the $40,000 level. The first major support is near the $39,80 level and the triangle lower trend line. A downside break below the triangle support could push the. Bitcoin (BTC) News. · May 23, 2021. Bitcoin is once again retesting the $34,300 price area. $34,300 is the 50% retracement level from the March 2020 bottom to the April 2021 peak. A loss of this level will open the doors to $30k and the 61.8% retracement level at $27,111. $28,850 is also a level of support that held back in January This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can reach all time highs again an..

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Bitcoin extended its decline below $53,200 and $53,000 support levels. The price is now trading well below $54,000 and the 100 hourly simple moving average. There was a break below a key bullish trend line with support near $54,220 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken). The pair is likely to continue lower towards the $51,000 and $50,000 levels in the near term. Support levels: $45,000, $40,000, $35,000 BTC/USD - Daily Chart The daily trading chart shows the crypto-market yet continually respects more up-moves on the buying signal signs of both of the.

The relative strength index on the daily chart is oversold, which could keep buyers active at support levels.Bitcoin returned above the 100-day moving average, which should stabilize selling pressure Bitcoin Remains Under Pressure. Bitcoin managed to get below the key support level at $35,000 and is testing the next support at $32,000. Other cryptocurrencies are also moving lower. Ethereum gained material downside momentum after it managed to settle below the 50 EMA at $2645. Currently, Ethereum trying to settle below $2500. Dogecoin declined below its 50 EMA at $0.3490 and made an attempt. Bitcoin breaches $46,000: These are the key support and resistance levels now. By Reynaldo 11. February 2021. No Comments. The Bitcoin price has established support at $38,000 and could rise to $48,500 in the short term, analysts say. Institutions continue to accumulate Bitcoin, with Grayscale welcoming three new major investors in recent days Could Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC) stage a rebound? It has dropped to a level that has been support and is oversold. Oversold means it's trading below what would be a typical or average trading range Bitcoin price remained well supported and it extended its recovery above the USD 38,000 resistance. However, BTC failed to clear the key USD 40,000 resistance level. It is currently (04:30 UTC) correcting lower and it might test USD 37,000. Similarly, most major altcoins extended their recovery. ETH broke the USD 2,550 resistance and tested USD 2,750. XRP/USD rallied above the USD 0.90 and USD.

Ethereum Support and Resistance Levels, ETH Lines Today - 202

Bitcoin Cash Continues to Slump Down as Price Reaches the Crucial Support Level at $840. Since April 17, Bitcoin Cash has continued to slump down after each correction on the upside. BCH/USD has resumed a downward move after buyers failed to push BCH above the $1,216 peak price. Today, BCH price corrected upward to the high of $1,000 but was. Bitcoin is rebounding once again, continuing to gain traction as the cryptocurrency topped $40,000. Chart watchers are now saying let's look for $50,000 as the next level. Bloomberg's Eric Lam. Bitcoin price, the new support and resistance levels for the week. Last week the price of the Bitcoin it remained stable above the $ 52.500 support zone. The BTC / USD pair started a steady rise and broke a couple of rather important resistance hurdles near $ 55.000. The price also broke the $ 56.500 resistance and extended its rise, then. Bitcoin price is trading in a positive zone above the $40,000 level against the US Dollar. BTC is likely to start a fresh rally if it clears the $41,200 resistance zone. TA: Bitcoin Consolidates Above Support, Here's What Could Trigger Fresh Rall

Bitcoin Forecast: June 202

If Bitcoin Breaches This Crucial Support Level, Watch Out. Bitcoin is attempting to stabilize after being cut in half from April's $64,800 high. The cryptocurrency sank to about $30,000 intraday last . Behemoth 98-foot-long dinosaur confirmed to be largest ever found.. The indiscriminate sell-off has broken long-term support levels, and the Bitcoin price prediction is in a sustained bearish outlook. The market sell-off is estimated to be close to $1 trillion, and the outlook is still broadly negative, making any quick recovery in Bitcoin price prediction unlikely. The RSI stands at 43 with a neutral bias on the hourly charts. The MACD is showing no sign of. Bitcoin price is trading in a positive zone above the $40,000 level against the US Dollar. BTC is likely to start a fresh rally if it clears the $41,200 resistance zone. Bitcoin remained in a positive zone above the $39,000 and $40,000 levels. The price is currently well above $39,000 and the 100 hourly simpl Bitcoin price is trading in a positive zone above the $40,000 level against the US Dollar. BTC is likely to start a fresh rally if it clears the $41,200 resista. Skip to content. Wednesday, June 16, 2021 Latest: TA: Bitcoin Consolidates Above Support, Here's What Could Trigger Fresh Rally Kim Kardashian Shills Ethereum Max on Instagram, Media Questions Socialites Motive Italy's Financial.

Bitcoin and Altcoins Struggle to Recover, Key Uptrend Support Intact. Bitcoin price is facing hurdles near USD 35,000. Ethereum might struggle to settle above USD 1,120, XRP is facing resistance near USD 0.300. ZEN extended its rally by 37%, and ZEC is up over 12%. After a sharp downside correction, bitcoin price found support above USD 32,500 Bitcoin-Preisvorhersage - 16. JuniDie Finanzbilanz der Handelsoperationen zwischen Bitcoin und dem US-Dollar schwankt derzeit leicht nach Norden in der oberen Handelszone von 40.000 USD. Der Preis liegt zum Zeitpunkt des Schreibens bei etwa 40.197 USD bei einem Prozentsatz von etwa 0,45 Anstiegen. BTC/USD-Markt Schlüsselebenen. Analyst Thinks Bitcoin's Support Level Will Be $27 - $28kBull market may be over if Bitcoin closes the week under the 200-day moving averageBitcoin may find support once it hits the $27,000 - $28,000 levelFailure to recover is a signal for the bear market according to the analysisAn analyst from pointed out that Bitcoin may find support in the $27,000 to $28,000 level. According to the.

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Bitcoin (BTC) fällt unter $57,800 Support Level. 23. März 2021 by admin. Bitcoin steht nun vor einem Widerstand bei $57.800. Es gibt Unterstützungsniveaus zwischen $50,250-$52,500. Die Wellenzählung für BTC ist unklar. Der Bitcoin (BTC)-Preis sank am 28. März erheblich und fiel unter den Bereich von $57.800. Trotz des Rückgangs sieht es nicht so aus, als ob der Aufwärtstrend beendet. Der Bitcoin Preis ist am 24. März 2021 wieder weiter gefallen und hat dabei das Support-Level bei 52.500 USD erreicht.Der Bitcoin Preis wird wohl bald wi Bitcoin's price once again dipped after it was unable to hold $3,800 as a level of support. This drop led. Bitcoin has established fresh support level at $3,700, which one analyst claims is an important price to hold above in order for further gains in the future.

Key Macro Support Level To Watch For Bitcoin (BTC) - Forex

  1. read. Bitcoin has plunged to $46,601 low and pulled back immediately. This sharp drop was a result of buyers failing to push BTC price above the $58,000 resistance level. The $58,000 support has been the crucial price level for the resumption of upside momentum. cryptonews.net. In.
  2. Bitcoin's bulls have built some serious momentum in the time since the crypto's capitulatory drop that sent it to lows of $6,500, as they have been able to push its price up towards $8,000, with a break above this level potentially opening the gates for further gains. The recent rally from $6,500 has also been technically positive for Bitcoin, as it marked a strong defense of a key support.
  3. Bitcoin's 40% crash 'does feel like capitulation,' says crypto specialist, but here's where the next crucial support level stands Published: May 19, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. ET B

Bitcoin (BTC) Dip Leads to Bounce at Support Level - (TA - 8th of April) The Bitcoin (BTC) price decreased considerably on April 7 but bounced once it reached the $55,500 support area. BTC is expected to break out from the current trading pattern and attempt to move above the $59,500 resistance area Major support level to be tested. Bitcoin is testing major support currently, as the 200-day EMA is sitting just back. The 200-day EMA being broken to the downside is a very negative sign for longer-term traders and would start a lot of money shorting this market, as algorithms will fire off. This being said, it's likely that a short-term bounce could come into play, but the $9250 level.

Cornerstone Macro's Carter Worth looks at the next key support level for bitcoin. With CNBC's Melissa Lee and the Fast Money traders, Guy Adami, Tim Seymour, Dan Nathan and Brian Kelly Yesterday, Bitcoin fell below the key support level, which we mentioned in the previous review: the $ 12,000 mark At the same time, the rate updated the 30-day minimum and BTC is currently trading on the levels of early December. There is no doubt that the bearish trend is now on, and technically, the support level capable of reversing the decline is between $ 4,000 and $ 6,000 (The August.

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Bitcoin is currently moving within a key support/resistance level. It's very likely that 7800 $ is going to fail as a support, forcing Bitcoin towards the next key zone, which would be around 7150$-6900$ (0.786 Retracement + Trendline from March 2k17). Stoch RSI indicates further downwards momentum. If the afore mentioned support fails yet again, it's likely that Bitcoin is going to test 5.800$ r/BitcoinMarkets: Sharing of ideas, tips, and strategies for increasing your Bitcoin trading profit Bitcoin price managed to get below the key support level at $35,000 and is testing the next support at $32,000. Other cryptocurrencies are also moving lower. Ethereum gained material downside momentum after it managed t Long-Term Support Level May Struggle to Revive Bitcoin Price Rally View Bitcoin is again attempting a recovery from the 30-day moving average, currently at $7,710 Bitcoin moves toward support targets. Trend line. Retracement level approached. The price bitcoin is currently trading down around $1300 or -2.94% of $43,500. The low price reached $42,535.16. The.

Bitcoin gained some momentum when it touched $6,900, but it failed to keep up. The pivot is now at $6,518.26, and it will be interesting to see how Bitcoin moves from here. Another significant support exists at $6,600. However, falling below this support could spell doom as Bitcoin could reach the $4k mark. Macroeconomic factors stand against. Bitcoin bulls return after BTC bounces at a key support level. Bitcoin price appears to be gaining bullish momentum after BTC bounced off the lower Bollinger Band. By. ioBanker. Published on April 7, 2021. Share ; Tweet; A wave of selling took command of the cryptocurrency market on April 7 after Bitcoin price dropped below $56,000. The market-wide sell-off led to $1.4 billion in liquidations.

Bitcoin Recently Fell Through A Key Support Level—What's Next

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis - Daily Update

On April 20 Bitcoin Price fell below $54000, with whale clusters indicating that the main areas for the price to redeem in the short term are $56,274 and $55,172. The prices dropped from $57,400 to $54,000, in the process lost the $55,172 whale cluster support level. Bitcoin in the days to come has to surge higher than $55,172 making it a. Bitcoin has once again faced a massive influx of selling pressure that caused its price to dip back towards its key support at $10,000 The Cryptos : 9,663 Exchanges : 376 Market Cap : $2,498,545,725,853 24h Vol : $240,824,885,765 Dominance : BTC : 44.3% ETH : 18.7% ETH Gas : 130 Gwe Bitcoin Shake Out: 48K Support Level Of Interest . USD/CAD Daily Forecast - Test Of Resistance At 1.2130 . GBP/JPY Price Forecast - British Pound Continues to Work Its Way Higher . EUR/USD Price Forecast - Euro Looking to Stabilize . TRENDING. 1. 2 FTSE 250 dividend stocks I'd buy and hold for a long time . 2. Stock market bargains: here's where I'd invest £1,000 right now. 3. 5. A move back below the 10-month moving average could put Wednesday's low in play near $30,000. The latter area was support as it buoyed Bitcoin earlier in the year before it ripped toward $60,000.

Bitcoin Reclaims Key Support Level After Drop to $34,500

  1. Despite the growing selling pressure, Bitcoin remains contained within an ascending triangle on its 1-day chart. The hypotenuse of this pattern, as well as the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement level at $8,900 (measured from March 13th low of $3,620 to June 1st high of $10,500), are currently providing strong support
  2. ing stocks.
  3. Bitcoin Nears Key Support Level; Will Bulls Rise Up? At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading down just under 2% at its current price of $8,050, which marks a slight retrace from its daily highs of over $8,300. Bitcoin's inability to post any type of relief rally ever since it dropped below $10,000 elucidates an underlying weakness for the cryptocurrency, and if bulls are unable to push.

If Bitcoin Breaches This Crucial Support Level, Watch Out. Bitcoin is attempting to stabilize after being cut in half from April's $64,800 high. The cryptocurrency sank to about $30,000 intraday last . Shiba Inu fans petition for Robinhood listing as coin drops 75% this.. Bitcoin Cash Continues To Fall Despite Strong Support Level. Based on recent charts, the digital asset's price might continue to drop. The currency will face resistance around $600, $650, and $700. Fortunately, BCH support levels hold at $350, $300, and $250, which will prevent further drop down the line. Since it hit an all-new high days ago. Bitcoin price holds key support level as focus shifts back to $12,000 As the price of Bitcoin ( BTC ) showed weakness in the past week, the crucial support zone around $11,200, nevertheless, held Bitcoin Trading Basics - Support und Resitance; Bitcoin Gold, BTG Fork kommt: Wie verdopple ich meine Bitcoins? Wie kaufe ich sicher bitcoin als deutscher? Alle Bitcoinanbieter Reviews im Überblick; Home » Bitcoin Ratgeber » Bitcoin Trading Basics - Support und Resitance » btc-support-level. btc-support-level. admiral 4. Oktober 2017 . 6 Views 0. Save Saved Removed 0. Save Saved Removed.

Bitcoin Plunges below $50K Support Level as Bears Threaten

Analyst: Bitcoin (BTC) Support Level at $3,550 Weakening After Volatile Weeken Bitcoin price against the US Dollar (BTC/USD pair) couldn't find support at US$50,000. At the early hours of Asian trading hours, the BTC price broke the strong support levels at US$48,000, US$47,000, and also the strong psychological support level at US$45,000. This made the bitcoin price move further into a bearish zone Against Bitcoin, the daily chart reveals that LTC is sliding below the opening price of 6020 SAT. However, the sellers are seen posing more threat to the nearest support level of 5500 SAT. 3 weeks If Bitcoin Breaches This Crucial Support Level, Watch Out Yahoo Finance Bitcoin (BTC) · Cryptocurrency 56 mins BarterTrade V2 Launches With Advanced Social Trading, Auto KYC and Institutional Grade Liquidity Bitcoin.co With Bitcoin crossing the $40,000 threshold, many chartists are looking at $42,500 as its next important level to breach. That number roughly represents its 200-day moving average and topping it could mean the coin rallies toward $50,000. Bitcoin is always going to be volatile and the manic run-up we had was never sustainable

Bitcoin price is trading in a positive zone above the $40,000 level against the US Dollar. BTC is likely to start a fresh rally if it clears the $41,20 The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell more than 100 points Wednesday before cutting losses, as Bitcoin rose to nearly $52,000. Tech giants Apple and Tesla stock are testing a key support level

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