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SpartaBTC Jun 2. On the graph, we see a large wide channel with a step of more than 300%. The price is in its lower price zone. It is also worth noting that a potential fractal may form. It is easily visible on the graph. More precisely, part of it, the other part has not yet been formed, the rise in price to the upper border of the channel. SpartaBTC Mar 25, 2020. BNB is a Binance exchange coin, a very technical coin for obvious reasons. The tool is very simple and predictable in trading. BNB is a brand of the Binance exchange. In the global downward channel. A lateral movement was formed inside it, which formed a horizontal channel with a pitch of 40% Die neuesten Tweets von @SpartaBTC SpartaBTC. Трейдер. Аналитика по трейдингу в таких ресурсах: TradingView в TOP трейдеров. Телеграмм канал. YouTube. #трейдинг #криптовалюта #биткоин #bitcoin #BTC t.me/SpartaBTC777

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SpartaBTC Май 6. Торговая ситуация на таймфрейме 1 день локально. В зоне сопротивления большой чаши сформировали горизонтальный канал с шагом 52,42%. В данный момент есть попытки его прорыва 1,72. Занимаюсь трейдингом с 2012. Торгую на разных рынках. С начала 2017 в основном на рынке криптовалют. Есть опыт.

View Telegram channel's statistics SpartaBTC - @SpartaBTC777. Subscribers, subscribers gained, views per day, forwards and other analytics at the Telegram Analytics website SpartaBTC 1 post karma 0 comment karma send a private message. get them help and support. redditor for 2 years. TROPHY CASE. Two-Year Club. Verified Email. remember me reset password. . Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. get reddit premium. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor. and join one of thousands of. SpartaBTC. 8 629 subscribers. Открыть в Telegram. У вас еще нет Telegram? Установите сейчас! Правила использования сервиса. Bitcoin is in a symmetrical triangle. The strengths of bulls and bears are balanced 50/50. Nobody knows the future, even the one who creates it. Look at all the related ideas, so it will become clearer. The price can go either up or down, you need to understand that this model of a triangle gives a chance to go up or down in a ratio of 50/50 Create a free account. Welcome to Binance. Email. Mobile. Email. Password. * Minimum 8 characters. * At least 1 UPPER CASE. * At least 1 number

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Trading with the trend. As an option to form a global triangle. It is not particularly important where the asset will go if you are trading with a trend. Do not ever try to buy something cheaper and sell more expensive! This is the lot of hamsters. You need to wait for confirmation of the trend and work on it. A trend is a visually determined rise or fall in price ENJ Mechanics of win-win work on coins for pumping. The accumulation channel is 45%. The potential at the exit from the accumulation channel is up to + 600%! The coin, due to its over greed and aggressive manner of squeezing money out of the crowd by the market maker, goes hundreds of percent from the accumulation zone. Now the coin is in the accumulation phase XLM downstream trading. Recently, a lot of PR on this coin. The trend is still downtrend. Trading in a downward channel from the trend lines, which I depicted on the chart. The pivot points from which this or that movement will be embodied are also depicted on the chart. In addition to the trend support and resistance of the channel, do not forget to trade in the so-called internal channel.

Просмотр статистики Telegram-канала SpartaBTC - @SpartaBTC777. Подписчики, прирост, просмотры за день, репосты и другая аналитика на сайте Telegram Analytics TradingView India. SCBTC Идет накопление в канале, цена зажата, в любой момент как было раньше по этой монете может произойти сильный импульс вверх Голубые зоны - зоны остановки цены SCBTC The channel is accumulating, the price is clamped, at any moment as it was.

The trader Olutobi-Ogunsemore gives quite similar BCH price prediction as SpartaBTC, however on a bit wider scale. Following his technical analysis, the bearish pennant pattern of Bitcoin Cash might last all through 2021. According to him, in case BCH will act within the resistance and support lines, its price could linger within $380 at and $320 at the end of 2021. However, if BCH breaks. Read and watch carefully. Learn to think. Opportunities do not turn into a manic-depressive syndrome due to your greed, misunderstanding of work and processes, both local and global. Shown in the graph for comparison. Today's situation is 19 05 21 (Creativity 19) versus 13 03 21 (Creativity 13) a similar situation in the past. Your intelligence in the right direction can make you rich if. On Blogger since July 2012. Profile views - 56. My blogs. Informatica TradingView India. Bitcoin's main trend is upward. Which formed the ascending channel . Always trade with the trend. Decide in which trend you are trading and on which timeframe. Decide on strategy and risk management. Your first enemy is a lack of experience and knowledge. Your second enemy is greed and a sense of lost profits. You always have time to make money, the market will not run away. Dragon is a reversal pattern that indicates almost the very beginning of a trend reversal. The formation of the Dragon tells the trader that market sentiment may change soon and the current trend will unfold. The figure is a more modified version of the Double bottom or W shape, while it signals the change of the bear market to the bull market. But there is one fundamental difference.

spartabtc - May 4, 2020 @ 12:28. Platform ; Multi Currencies ; Fee's; Overall: I trade about a year. According to the functional and technical equipment, this is the exchange number 1 on the market. There were problems in November last year with a deposit, the support service decided everything. I, as a trader, like trading and functional very much - the opportunity to make a working. POWR - perhaps located at the very bottom and there will be a break in the trend - the formation of a saucer shape. Coin - TA textbook. We see a global downtrend on a coin. Each figure was a continuation of the trend. Bear flag - rectangle (horizontal time channel) - downward wedge - rectangle (horizontal time channel). Now the coin is 1 month in lateral movement

35 Likes, 27 Comments - SpartaBTC (@spartabtc777) on Instagram: Формируя мышление людей формируется. The relationship of the Dow Jones and the% rate of the Fed. Dow - Jones or the Dow - Jones Industrial Average was one of the first stock market indices, and is often used as an indicator of US stock market returns. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, commonly called The Dow or DJIA - includes 30 shares of industrial companies. The Federal Reserve System (FRS) of the USA is an independent.

RVN Falling Wedge. First target + 30% Figure potential + 100% The purchase area is 270-300 satosh. Stop Loss Below - 270 Satoshi. The targets for the downward wedge are 390,450,500,550,600 satosh. If we take into account the cyclical nature and madness of the crowd, then the global goals for the coin are from 800 to 1600 satoshi. And it could be like it's a cheap coin to pump SpartaBTC отзывы о закрытом канале по трейдингу right away. You can view and join @SpartaBTC_otzuvu right away. Don't have Telegram yet

Читайте и смотрите внимательно. Научитесь думать. Возможности не превращайте в маниакально-депрессивный синдром благодаря свой жадности, непониманию работы и процессов как локальных так глобальных масштабов. Это. TradingView UK. On the% chart, bitcoin prevails in the cryptocurrency market. I followed a little over a year. All the key movements during this time I predicted. This percentage of bitcoin dominance is very much related to the transfer of altcoins. Each minor correction and decline in dominance is accompanied by a shot on average 30-50% of altcoins

I wrote a series of articles on harmonious patterns. On the coin, which I trade from time to time for about two years, a harmonious ABCD pattern is now formed. I. spartabtc. eth/usd +18.13% С зоны разворота (прорыва сопротивления треугольника. В данный момент цена подошла к очень важной зоне сопротивления. #eth #Прибыль . eth/usd.

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BTC - potential shapes of technical analysis figures depending on the breakout / price retention levels. A huge symmetrical triangle - a bear measured move - Triple top - Inverted Dragon. BTC / USD 1 week. I will write the zone algorithm and what will be drawn on the chart depending on the retention / penetration of a certain zone and levels SpartaBTC about BTCUSD 20 Trading with the trend Option of forming a global triangle. SpartaBTC about BTCUSD 2 코멘트 . 축하와 함께 코멘트 코멘트 올리기. kisacafb. you are good analyst but seems undervalued here. for me, bear measured move is more probable and target 2K. 응답. SpartaBTC kisacafb. @kisacafb, 1800 $ is the lowest level in the measured course of the bear But.

SCBTC Идет накопление в канале, цена зажата, в любой момент как было раньше по этой монете может произойти сильный импульс вверх Голубые зоны - зоны остановки цены SCBTC The channel is accumulating, the price is clamped, at any moment as it was before, a strong. Данный пример на акциях компании Gevo inc - обрабатывающая промышленность. Химическая.

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I was very surprised that it was the number of days in the 3rd cycle that coincided with the bitcoin halving. I don't think it's a coincidence. Also pay attention to which zone this formation may not be confirmed. There is such a rare long-playing formation bear measured move from the peak of 2017 and it is being formed. Measuring stroke is a fairly long formation figure ethusd Ефир находится по прежнему в низ ходящем канале. Сейчас подошел к нижней границы канала, очень опасная ситуация.Как правило в таких ситуациях уровень удерживается и инструмент делает небольшую коррекцию вверх Должна быть стратегия и план. В тоже время, ваша стратегия и план должны быть пластичны от ситуаций на рынке. Отзывы о закрытом канале по трейдингу SpartaBTC. Объяснение, как выглядят торговые рекомендации в закрытом.

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  1. XRP (Ripple) к BTC стохастик на недельном таймфрейме показывает начало разворота. Локально можем упасть немного, но глобально если будем дальше рисовать треугольник уже начало разворота. Больше информации и цели в.
  2. Торговля по тренду. Как вариант формирования глобального треугольника. Не особо важно куда пойдет актив если вы торгуете по тренду. Не нужно никогда стараться купить чем дешевле и продать чем дороже
  3. btc максимальные локальные цели. Везде кричат о развороте рынка. А не рановато ли? Где кульминационные объемы которые есть всегда при окончании дампа? Побрили шортистов, побреют и лонгистов
  4. ETH broke through the channel of accumulation. In most cases, the price goes down to the width of the old channel. But it is possible to stop on the trend line of the descending channel (yellow line). The situation is more likely to observe, but not to enter
  5. SpartaBTC Ingwina @Ingwina, Мерси. Я частями всегда выхожу, особенно если есть возможность работы внутри дня на мелком таймф. первая часть в пересечении уровня 4 волны и 5 волны, вторые 30-40% как вы написали в пересечении 2-5 волны.. и.

batbtc Полтора года ходит в глобальном канале, практически не реагирует на рынок. В последнее время были большие закупки на ОТС, возможно кто -то обладает инсайдом и имеет большие планы на то что они делают Отчет по торговым рекомендациям по инструментах. 1) Отчет работы №4 по закрытому каналу по трейдингу за 1,5 месяца. Отчет №4. 22 01 2021 - 05 03 2021 22 Января по 5 Марта 2021 ЧАСТЬ №1 2) Отчет работы №4 по закрытому каналу по трейдингу. [IMG] [SPOILER] Самый большой % выплат на форуме [90% Вам / 10% Мне] [SPOILER] :tg: Связь Telegram: @ExcoCheck :tg: (Тема. The latest Tweets from Bitcoin news (@SpartaBTC). #Cryptocurrency #Mining #ICO #ETH #BTC #LTC #Bounty #Crowdsales #Bitcoin #Investments #Blockchain #Startup #Bitcointalk #Trading #news #FollowBack #взаимны

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Trade on the breakthrough. A trader tries to open positions at the very beginning of a trend, based on a breakthrough of a certain level of support or resistance. The graph shows how to protect yourself from false breakthroughs. It is better to take a little more expensive but just be sure than to take it many times and close the stop loss После локального максимума сформировался локальный нисходящий тренд. Этот тренд сформировал нисходящий клин на монете. ВХОД 1) на прорыве линии сопротивления клина. 2) на подтверждении поддержки локального минимума. Apri grafico Apri panoramica ticker Cerca idee Cerca script Cerca utent

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  1. We are ahead of the financial crisis
  2. RVN. Cycle. Coin for the pumps. Global goals. fürBINANCE ..
  3. Telegram: Contact @SpartaBTC_otzuv
  4. Тренды. Коррекции в трендах. Истинные развороты и ..
  5. BTC% dominance When is the pump season? The Dragon
  6. EDUCATION + WORK Harmonious pattern ABCD + Three
  7. SpartaBTC 의 BNC:BLX 용 BTC Inverted Dragon The tragedy of
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