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56-year-old freediver holds breath for almost 25 minutes breaking record. Most of us have seen how long we can hold our breath underwater - but Budimir Šobat (Croatia) had proven he's unrivalled at the skill The world record holders for Constant Weight Freediving are as follows: CWT Record: Alexey Molchanov Depth: 120 Metres. In October 2016, Alexey Molchanov broke the record for Constant Weight Freediving when he dove 129 meters in 3 minutes and 50 seconds in La Paz, Mexico. CWT Record: Alessia Zecchini Depth: 102 metre Note: Longer breath holds have occurred outside official freedive competitions, however these include the use of techniques that aren't allowed in freedive competitions. The Guinness book of records longest single voluntary breath hold is 24 mins and 3 seconds. FREEDIVING RECORDS FOR OPEN WATER DISCIPLINE The current record was set by Stéphane Mifsud in 2009 with a time of 11:35mins

56-year-old freediver holds breath for almost 25 minutes

Humans set breath-holding records in water because they can hold their breath twice as long underwater they can on land. The world record is 19 minutes and 30 seconds For me, freediving has been a constant process of self discovery in which I have redefined my limits time and time again. And doing this so often in my diving has allowed me to use the same mentality and confidence in the rest of my life. I train people from the absolute beginner level all the way up to the instructor and competitive level so if you're ready to start or continue your own.

Herbert Nitsch is an Austrian freediver who has held 32 world records across every freediving discipline. He is the current No Limits world record holder after descending to 214m - a depth that is unlikely to be beaten for many years due to the extreme difficulty and risks involved Free Diving World Record Will Soon Be Pushed to 1,000 Feet, Author Says. James Nestor says diving the ocean shows how much we can learn about our planet and its inhabitants—including us Free divers swim to extreme depths underwater (the current record is 214m) without any breathing apparatus. Champions can hold their breath for extraordinary amounts of time - the record for women.. This is another practice that can be maintained during an offseason of competitive freediving. The current world record holder for this type of practice is Peter Pedersen, who swam 610 feet while holding his breath. Deepest Free Dive Fun Facts. One of the first freediving competitions was held in 1911 when a fisherman named Yorgos Statti took on a bet to dive more than 200 feet to salvage the.

World Records-45M / 147FT. 45M / 147FT - The Story-47M / 154FT-47M / 154FT - The Story-51M / 167FT-51M / 167FT - The Story-63M / 207FT-63M / 207FT - The Story-65M / 213FT-65M / 213FT - The Story; About Freediving. Competitive Categories; History; Training; Gallery. Photos; Videos; Contac Herbert Nitsch (born 20 April 1970) is an Austrian freediver who has held world records in all of the eight freediving disciplines recognised by AIDA International. He is the current freediving world record champion and the deepest man on earth. This title was given to him when he set a world record in the No Limits discipline at the depth of 214 meters (702 feet). To date, he has achieve www.williamwinram.comwww.instagram.com/williamwinram/www.facebook.com/WilliamWinramwww.twitter.com/williamwinramThis video was not made for nor is it used fo.. He also set a 2012 record for the longest timed breath held voluntarily, holding his breath for 22 minutes. That record has since been broken and stands at 24 minutes and 3.45 seconds. READ:.. What World Records Did You Set? I successfully set five CMAS World Records in my handicap discipline, including: Constant weight Bi-fins: 50 meters/164 feet. Constant weight Monofin: 45 meters/147 feet. Free Immersion: 45 meters/147 feet. Dynamic Apnea Monofin: 117 meters/383 feet. Dynamic apnea Bifin: 110 meters/360 fee

Herbert can hold his breath for more than 9 minutes and has set a total of 33 world records. 32 of these are across all of the 8 recognized freediving disciplines - unrivaled achievements in the freediving history. Herbert has set an additional world record in the traditional Greek freediving discipline Skandalopetra AIDA Freediving World Records Covering all disciplines, you can find the current male and female world records and watch the deepest and longest apnea dives by the best freedivers in the world. Beneath the table of freediving record, watch all the current freediving world records and check out the history of each discipline by clicking through to the relevant discipline that you are interested in Record freediving time. French freediver Arnaud Jerald broke the world record in the constant weight freediving modality with bifins, by descending to 112m in Kalamata. The CMAS European Cup was hosted by the Freediving Club Greece in Kalamata from September 12-16, 2020. The 24-year-old dived 112 in 3 minutes and 24 seconds on Tuesday Freediving world record set by William Trubridge with 122m.

Freediving is in many ways a very safe sport, but without formal training it can be dangerous.This guide will not contain all of the techniques that we employ in our teaching here at FreediveUK (for lots of reasons) so if you want to get it right and take your freediving to the next level then be sure to join us on one of our courses. We have a great success rate at improving peoples times. So in February 2020, he found his latest challenge in ice diving and set a world record there too, covering 180 meters (591 feet) in a feat of distance, not depth, under the ice in a quarry on the.

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Which, in Segura's case, is a very, very long time. In 2016, he set the Guinness World Record by holding his breath for 24 minutes and 3 seconds. That's 54 seconds longer than the world's previous. New World Record Static apnea For Branko Petrović. 11''54', Branko Petrović set a new Guinness World Record in static apnea. On the 7th October 2014 Serbian Branko Petrović set a new Guinness World Record in static apnea, beating Frenchman Stefane Mifsud by 19 seconds and pushing the new limit out to 11''54'. Although the coverage of this event was extensive by freediving standards and the. It's not a one-time world record because it's a good moment. No, when you reach two world records, it's not an achievement but something like that. Related: 'Flying underwater' with a freediving. Freediving World Record in Kalamata by Gct. 0. French freediver Arnaud Jerald broke the world record in the constant weight freediving modality with bifins, by descending to 112m in Kalamata. The CMAS European Cup was hosted by the Freediving Club Greece in Kalamata from September 12-16, 2020. The 24-year-old dived 112 in 3 minutes and 24 seconds on Tuesday. The World Records are endorsed by.

The record under-ice free-dive currently stands at 75 metres, set by New Zealander, Ant Williams. Andrey's goal is to plunge just one metre deeper. That might seem easy for someone like Andrey, who's dived deeper than 100 metres but there's a big difference between diving in warm and freezing waters. There are different freediving disciplines Swedish Freediving Record Holder. CONTACT. About Me. Hi, I'm Alexander Nilsson. I am a Swedish record holder freediver and instructor. I started freediving in January 2016, and instantly got hooked, particularly to the freedom, silence and weighlessness one experiences under water... Read More. Services. Learn more. Personal Best. CWTB. Constant Weight with Bifins. In competition: 73 m / 239. I've been a full-time freediving instructor since 2009. I've had over a thousand students in my career. Everyone says there is no way Ill be able to hold my breath for 2-3 minutes. I assure them they can, they don't believe me, and then when they apply these simple techniques, they can. I've trained under five world record Freedivers during my career. I've taken more freediving classes than. Learn the techniques of a freediving world record holder in the SSI Freediving Level 3 program. The ultimate in freediving training, this program will give you the advanced freediving skills and knowledge you need to dive up to 40 meters deep with a buddy. Earn this coveted SSI freediving certification today and prepare for your ultimate freediving goals What is FREE DIVING according to Apnea Diving Freediving School: break through blockages and train with new freediving techniques to reach your own personal objective and records. Level 1 - 2 - 3 . Come and challenge yourself to a higher freediving level, going deeper and holding your breath longer while enjoying full relaxation as taught by Apnea Academy! These levels courses are for.

Sheena McNally - Freediver. Hello! I'm Sheena. I'm a freediver and continental record holder from Canada, but my freediving home base is the Caribbean Sea. I love diving deep, helping others learn how to enjoy their time underwaterand coffee! For me, freediving is about finding joy, be it on the line, in the pool, or on the reef— This time, however, it was completely different to the other thousands of dives he'd already logged during his record-breaking freediving career. That day, Guérin-Boëri entered the water through. under-ice female freediving world record holder, motivational speaker and artist. I'm passionate about water as a swimmer and competitive freediver, and it calms me amidst my life struggles. My art expresses my love of water and the affinity I feel for this element too. Join me as I plan to break another world record! My Life About me. I am currently the world record holder for the longest. Wojtek Czyz: 5 Time Freediving World Record Holder. For most people, just getting certified as a PADI Freediver™ was a huge achievement. However for Wojtek Czyz, an above the knee amputee, PADI Instructor, PADI Freediver Instructor and Paralympic medalist, getting certified was just the tip of the iceberg. Wojtek discovered that there were no.

What's The Freediving Record? If you are wondering how long you should train to break a freediving record, be aware that it will take a lot of work and time since the world record is 214 m! This record was set on June 14th, [...] READ MORE. By David Fialkoff. In freediving, spearfishing. Posted February 18, 2021. Why You Need A Freediving Wetsuit. Have you ever wondered what is a freediving. Oct. 17, 2002 -- Champion free diver Audrey Mestre took a single breath, then dove 561 feet to try to try to break a world record. But the 28-year-old French woman did not make it back up alive Freediving in Ancient Times. The first recorded evidence of freediving humans can be traced back more than 7,000 years ago to the Chinchorro, an ancient people from 5,000 BC who lived along the coast of the Atacama Desert in what is present day northern Chile and southern Peru.In a study of Chinchorro mummies, archaeologists discovered that the bones of their ear canals had started to grow.

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Mexican Alejandro Lemus breaks freediving world record in Yucatan cenote. By Yucatan Times on January 24, 2021 . Share. Cenotillo, Yucatán (January 23, 2020).- With the support of the. Scubaverse's freediving editor Steve Millard reports on the North of England's first AIDA freediving competition Rebecca Coales, trained by the freedivers.co.uk group, managed to extend her own record from 120 metres to 134 metres distance underwater swimming doing just breast stroke. The total dive time took 2 minutes and 52 seconds at the Huddersfield Stadium [ After a few years of spearfishing by himself, Daniel reached out to Martin Stepanek (13 time freediving world record holder) with Freediving instructors International (Fii), he took Daniel under his wing to show him the ropes of deep diving in 2010. Daniel became a freediving instructor and made huge progress when working alongside Martin, who later became a role model, guide and close friend. Our captain is a Moken with a life-long track record of sea navigation and freediving. Our freediving expert spends more time under the water than on land, and holds a professional instructor degree from Apnea Total - a global freediving institute that upholds the highest standard of freediving. Our tour experience designer, with a professional experience in fashion design, and part-time.

Current Freediving World Records. The following is a list of the world records in freediving, as recognized by AIDA (the main regulatory organization), including the world records for breath-holding, depth and distance. Last Update: 2010-04-26 Today Carlos is a 12-time world record holder and has been shown in many national and international broadcasters. Today, Carlos and Gaby reside in Bonaire, on the Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean. Since 2013, they have worked in the development of the Deepsea Freediving School: An institution with the purpose of promoting the island, the. Both are world-record holders, and both know freedivers who died after pushing too deep or staying down too long. At the end of their competitive freediving careers, the long-time partners, who. In August 2019, Artnik broke Zecchini's world record for the first time at the CMAS World Championships in Roatán, Honduras, with a dive to 111 meters (364 feet). By the end of that event.

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  1. Freediving has unique meaning to everyone whether you feel connected to the ocean or want to achieve that connection we can help you to unlock your full potential. At Freediving Barbados we bring you the highest level of safety, comfort and education taught by a professional AIDA & PADI Freedive Instructor and national record holder as well as the country's most experienced spearfishing guide
  2. At 34, Alexey Molchanov has broken nearly every freediving record imaginable. After an unimaginable loss, he's turned risk-taking into its own kind of recovery. By Sami Emory. Mar 9, 2021 On a.
  3. Stay updated with world records freediving community. view all records Dynamic With Fins(DYN) Mateusz Malina (PL) 300 m AIDA Hong Kong Freediving Competition 2021. 27.06.2021 - 27.06.2021. No 1, Tin Kwong Road, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon, Hong Kong, Hong Kong. Pool Competition . AIDA Freediving Gold Coast Dynamic Minicomp 2021. 27.06.2021 - 27.06.2021. Marine Parade, Southport QLD 4215, Gold.

The record was broken on December 31st, 2020 off Sharm El-Sheik in Egypt. In the NLT Tandem discipline — which is a freediving record certifying agencies such as AIDA do not recognize as a formal discipline — the freedivers hold on to a sled and go down together. Reaching the depth they stop, fill a balloon with air, and are pulled up by. William discovered freediving was a competitive sport in 2005, and quickly became part of the elite, earning several medals at World Championships and setting countless Pan-American records in virtually all disciplines. He went on to set a historic first on June 1st, 2007 by becoming the first man to dive the 60-meter deep and 30-meter long passageway known as the Arch in the Blue Hole of. The freediving website Deeper Blue said Molchanova exploded on to the scene in 2003 when she set a world record in only her second competition by swimming underwater for 150 metres without fins at.

Always spend at least 3 times the dive time on the surface between the dives (if the dive is shallower than 30 meters). Freediving is one of the safest activity one can do, if practiced according to the safety standards. And part of the safety standards should be to consider the risk of decompression sickness. I hope that this article have cleared up some questions, and hopefully will let you. McGowan returned on Day 2 determined to set the record straight. He completed his dive of 150m (equivalent to six lengths of a standard 25m pool) in the DYNb discipline (distance swam in pool on one breath using freediving fins) in a time of two minutes and 35 seconds. This time he made a clean surface protocol, receiving a white card from the. Freedive into the New Year under the Guidance of 12 times Freediving World Record Holder and first human to ever break and surpass the 100-meter barrier, CARLOS COSTE Freediving World Champion together with Cressi Caribbean Manager Theo Knevel and B Diving & Watersports Curacao Freediver Instructors Wildo Duit & Brigitte Achterber Getty Images. While scuba diving, snorkeling, and freediving are all ways to explore the underwater world, freedivers typically have a different goal from scuba divers.Scuba divers and snorkelers usually dive to observe aquatic life and calmly enjoy the aquatic environment. Freedivers, on the other hand, typically attempt to achieve a depth or dive time A record-holding diver died during a freediving competition in the Bahamas on Sunday in what officials said was the first fatality in the sport's 21 years of official competition

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  1. His record-setting freedive was registered by an arbiter from an international freediving federation, according to the state-run TASS news agency. It will take an unspecified amount of time to.
  2. I have been training for a long time all over the world from Asia to Europe, including four world championships as an athlete and coach. The freediving location is very important from beginner to deep diver. Here at the Freedive Academy, you can approach all the buoy's from beginner to 150m deep within 200m from shore. Weather is also fantastic as I am staying here for two months from June.
  3. ted Freediving Instructors. Full time instructor since 2005, over a thousand students over my career ; Former USA.
  4. Mammalian Freediving. 219 likes. We offer PADI Freediving courses, breath workshops and custom apnea training programs to ocean-loving folks
  5. 2019 was a big year for freediving. Many new world records were set, the World Championships reached an all-time high attendance, and there were some considerable feats done in the name of conservation and ecological awareness. Here are some of the highlights. The Year for Bi-Fins Alice Hickson, UK Bi-Fins National Record Dive 179 metres: Image Credit Daan Verhoeven This year AIDA has finally.
  6. In 2009, I became a freediving instructor for PFI and I've been teaching freediving full time ever since. I went on to break a USA Freediving record, have won 3 freediving competitions, was selected to be Captain of Men's USA Freediving team at the World Championships, am a PFI Instructor Trainer and my deepest freedive to date is 279 feet. While I enjoy being a competitive freediver.
  7. Jeanine Grasmeijer currently holds the world Record in free immersion. (Find her on Facebook or Instagram) Sara Campbell has held several world records and now teaches Yoga For Freediving. Tanya Streeter has held the no limits world record since 2002. She was inducted in the Women Diver's Hall of Fame in 2000

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  1. Experienced Freediving coach and first Molchanovs Instructor Trainer in the Americas, Matthieu is also a competitive deep diver, freediving to -90 meters in a single breath of air. He is currently Record Holder for Canada. Underwater Photography, wildlife and crossfit are some of his main field of interest to share with you! WWW.MATTFREEDIVER.CO
  2. g completely unassisted to 102 meters (334 feet) in a time of 4
  3. Mar 23, 2021 - Collection of the greatest freediving images from around the world! Share your pictures with us!. See more ideas about underwater, diving, underwater photography

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(Sportalsub.net / Adriatic Freediving Trophy / AIDA / CMAS) - Leer en Español This Saturday, September 12, in the waters of the island of Krk, Croatia, Russian freediver Alexey Molchanov set a new freediving world record freediving in the constant weight bifins modality, descending to -111 meters deep during the International Competition Adriatic Freediving Trophy held from September 5 to 12 Karoline Meyer (Brazil) made the first world record inside a competition on 1999, making history to the modern freediving and broken for the first time the 6'00 barrier (Red Sea Dive Off AIDA). It was in the sixties that women first appeared in the adventurous world of freediving as a sport, breaking records. Francesca Trombi, Hedy Roessler and Giuliana Treleani were the leading freediving. Beyond their rule- and record-keeping duties, the group also devotes time and effort to promoting freediving and educating those who are interested in it. The History of AIDA. Freediving was brought into the mainstream in 1988 by the film The Big Blue, a dramatization of a rivalry between a pair of champion freedivers. After the movie's release, there was an increase in record attempts. World Firsts & Records. World Records 'Aegean EcoRunner': Fuel Efficiency Record [Aegean Sea, Sep 2013] 'No-limits' Freediving World Record [Spetses Island, June 2007] Technological Firsts. Complex structure Single-Shot Vacuum Infusion; Large products' direct mould prototyping; Carbon-fiber spring feature integratio

The year is 2020, and the month is April. This means that there's a good chance that you too are stuck at home, not able to access pools, open water, and freediving courses. If you're new to diving, this is a great opportunity to build some technique now so you can slip into the water like a turtle when the time comes. One of the most. 14 times world champion (AIDA and CMAS rules), 18 times world record holder in freediving, 3 of them are currently standing. President of Russian Freedving Federation, co-founder and education board member of Molchanovs company. Son of 21 times world champion and 43 times world record holder - Natalia Molchanova

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Freediving is about inward power, discipline and control. If you've always wanted to enter the underwater world quietly, on your own terms, staying as long as your breath allows, then freediving is for you. Taking the PADI Freediver course is your first step toward discovering why freediving is becoming a popular way to explore beneath the waves. To enroll in a PADI Freediver course you must. Freedive Dahab is one of the very first Freediving Centres in the world started in 2003 by former freediving world record holder Lotta Ericson. In 2010 Freedive Dahab became the first SSI Freediving Instructor Training Center in the world and certified thousands of all level freedivers and hundreds of instructors. Our freediving center is located close to the Lighthouse Bay, which is the heart.

Freediving usually conjures competitive breath-hold diving — in which freedivers attempt to break world records or set personal bests by going to great depths, times or distances on a single breath of air — but there's a recreational and practical aspect to it as well. It's not for everyone, but freediving can be a fun activity, especially if you want to experience quiet underwater. Disclaimer: You must be physically fit to try freediving.Check with your physician first! Freediving Record. William Trubridge has just broken the freediving world record without fins with a dive to 88m (288 feet) in 3:30 in Dean's Blue Hole, Bahamas. Note: This was without fins! Watch the video and see how he makes slow, powerful strokes with long glide phases in between Stig Severinsen breaks the AIDA Freediving World Record Dynamic Apnea without fins (CNF) in Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela, swimming 61 meters with a constant weight WhatsAppShareTweetPinShare. June 16 2007. AIDA Freediving World Record - Dynamic Apnea (DYF) Stig Severinsen breaks the AIDA Freediving World Record Dynamic Apnea (DYF) in Aarhus, Denmark, swimming 225 m on a single breath with fins. By BBC Travel. 5 March 2021. Growing up on a horse farm outside Johannesburg, South Africa, Hanli Prinsloo dreamed of being a mermaid - never mind that the closest ocean was a 10-hour drive away.

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The SEAC COMPUTER PARTNER is a recreational wrist-mount dive computer with easy to use, backlit display. The computer can record your freediving sessions up to 99 dives. The Partner has a stopwatch and countdown function. Dive time, descent/ascent time, depth, and temperature on the same screen Born in Nice in 1984, he is a French freediving champion, specialist of the dynamic freediving. Since his discovery of apnea in 2010, he has won 4 world records and 5 world titles. In August 2013, he bacame for the first time World Champion in dynamic freediving no fins (DNF): 200m / CMAS WORLD GAMES / KAZAN (Russia)

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  1. The Puck Pro + scuba diving computer is the evolution of the previous Puck Pro model. Ultra flat design for a perfect fit.It allows you to handle multi-mix dives with up to two Nitrox blends (21-99%).The 3-line layout ensures clean, clear and understandable readability, thanks to the traditional segment display
  2. On our Freediving courses in Bali, we use our own individual-focused approach, using tools from yoga and meditation. Our purpose built place is right on the beach in Bali's best bay for freedive training. We also have a new training space with a 25 M Monofin freedive training pool and static apnea pool in the incredible Blue Earth Village
  3. It's a historic time for US Freediving, as the federation strong in depth begins to expand to Indoor (time and distance). 2021 promises to be an epic year with many firsts for this young federation. Of note: June 21st-27th in Belgrade, Serbia, the United States will make its debut appearance at a CMAS Indoor World Championship
  4. We offer quite a few different instructor courses, and we can offer them all with a package, like with or without training. But of course, our most popular package is our Freediving Zero to Hero program, wherein 3 to 6 months you go from beginner to freediving instructor. With us, you can start your program at any time
  5. I started freediving in 2011, about 10 years ago now. I was backpacking in Egypt and I ended up in a town called Dahab where it's a super popular thing to do (it's the number one thing to do on TripAdvisor). I had no idea what it was but I'd done a lot of breath-holding before. I was a synchronized swimmer in high school and I've done a lot of snorkeling as a kid and I'd always loved to.
The Secret to Holding Your Breath for 20 MinutesFreediving: Women Find Grace and Harmony in the Deep Blue Sea#76 - Tanya Streeter | Deepest - The Freedive CafeResistance bands FIM exercise – Freediving Courses BlogJohanna Under the Ice - adventure journalRecord For Longest Dance Underwater Holding BreathPhoto Of The Day!!! - Page 15 - FKA Kiteboarding Forums
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